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Are Tonneau Covers Lockable

Tonneau covers have multiple features not only in terms of safety purposes but also to protect the surface of the truck bed. They are in the market with both foldable and non-foldable varieties. Tonneau cover also works to hide your valuable stuff.

Are tonneau covers lockable? Yes, tonneau covers are lockable and can be locked in different ways. By locking these covers you can assure the safety of things over the bed and the surface of the bed. Every method has its style or mechanism, some have the fold-up ability and some do roll-up. Some provide extra security and some have simple locking ability.

Are Tonneau Covers Lockable
Are Tonneau Covers Lockable?

Are Tonneau Covers Lockable?

You can lock your tonneau covers according to their ways. Many random guys have the habit of check-in on the inner side of your truck so you can also protect your vehicle from all of this.

Here we have explained 7 processes with their mechanisms for your support.

Key lock tonneau covers

Key lock is the simple lock we see on truck doors. Turn the knob and there will be a restriction if you are using it in the wrong way.

It is as simple as you have using a key to unlock the truck doors. Tonneau covers used for key locks are hard, retractable, and one-piece covers.

To lock the cover, a locking tailgate is required. You can also contact your bed deprived of opening the tailgate. These locks are among those which provide high security to the bed. The most famous key locks are undercover LUX, a hard and one-piece cover.

Spring clamp tonneau covers

It comes in the category of soft and folding tonneau covers. These are much easier to install and have a little clumsy look. This is the best lockable tonneau cover available on Amazon. 

Tonneau covers are already attached with them and all you have to do is take the speed clamp from the handle and pull it. After pulling simply clamp it on the frame of the bed.

This type of lock also needs a tailgate to ensure proper security. They have the best combination with the Gator SFX.

Latch clamp

Latch clamps are the older version of spring clamps with a more typical look. Also involves tail-gate for better performance of the lock.

Other names are tail clamp or jaw clamp. These covers are mostly made up of vinyl and have the folding ability.

These clamps work by enfolding the tonneau covers opposite to the frame. Latch clamps are known to be the dull type of clamps as they take time to set up. Trifold tonneau American covers mostly contain latch clamps.

Cable method

In this method, you have to pull the cable for unlocking that’s why it is also known as the pull cable release method. These tonneau covers are also made up of aluminum within the vinyl roll up and the covers used are hard ones.

The cable is located at the back center of the tonneau cover and while pulling the cable latches disengage themselves to open the cover.

For access to the pulling, you also have to install the tailgate as a mandatory member. You can also install the locking mechanism at your tailgate for your gear’s safety.

Rotary latch

Rotary latch uses to be involved soft covers on beds with vinyl fold-ups. They have a similar mechanism just like cable pulling for disengaging the latches but have you to turn or twist the knob.

Most latches are dual and known to be bilateral. Turning a knob is simply like turning the door.

Like all others to prevent any mishappening you have to do something like a tailgate. These latches can be installed on either side of the bed’s back. One of the famous examples involving a rotary latch is Extang Xceed.

Trigger latch

Trigger latch is also an example of soft vinyl rolling tonneau covers. These exist in the form of pair and can be found on both sides of the bed’s backside.

To open these latches, you have to press the trigger or handles from the sides. Both the triggers need to be pulled down for opening the covers fully.

These can work without tailgates but within the tailgates, these provide marvelous security of your truck. one of the finest examples of these covers you can see on TruXedo Truxport. 

Braking (Electromagnetic) system

If you want to go a little advance, then you can install these electromagnetic brakes with the electric tonneau cover.

These covers work on a simple button press. Electromagnetic covers have the facility that you can open these a little or more according to your requirement.

These covers provide extraordinary security but you also have to spend more on these. It is recommended only to install these covers if you are looking for some VIP truck or if you want to spend a lot on astonishing features.

Recently, Gator Trax providing the feature of installing electromagnetic brakes as they have some electrical mechanism installed.

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