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Can you add navigation to ford F150?

F150 users like to add navigation to their Ford trucks. It is easy to add OEM factory navigation while maintaining the original features. The best navigation makes you feel that your truck has originally come with navigation from the factor. There is no need for an additional antenna to add navigation.

Can you add navigation to ford F150? Yes, you can add navigation to your F150, but make sure that your Ford truck is compatible with it. Identify the model and year of manufacture of your truck before inserting the navigation to your truck.

Although the process of adding navigation to your F150 model, you can simplify it with some effort. Presently, Ford is a Sync 3 infotainment system for onboard navigation.

How can you add navigation to ford f150?

Cross-referencing of the present map system and the Database version is the most important step to include Ford F150 navigation. The database is available from the settings’ stereo systems.

Can you add navigation to ford f150

Then, you need to note down the serial number present in the stereo interface. You must have SYNC 3.0, as Ford is using it for its navigation.

Buy and install the new stereo at 35% off from Amazon to accomplish the process.

Can I upgrade Ford F150 navigation to get a better version?

You can upgrade it in two ways, with and without SD cards. While you are not using the card, you have to identify the region. Then, you can identify whether map upgrades are available.

You need to pay an amount for this upgrade. After a successful payment, Ford will give you some instructions.

Now, when you are using SD cards, the first two steps have no difference. You have to pick the right package for your SD card to ensure compatibility.

Buy the SD Card Kit, turn off the vehicle, manage the old card, and then add the new one. After restarting F150, you will find SYNC updating the map.

For SD card users, we have to mention that you must insert the card rightly until hearing the click.

Where to buy SD cards online?

There is no rule regarding the place of buying SD cards. However, you have to ensure that you have purchased it in your own region. If you want to buy an SD card online then our suggestion is Amazon. You can use our affiliate link to get a discount on this purchase.

Furthermore, your chosen card has to work with your current F150 model.

To get detailed information and make the right purchase, you can access your vehicle dashboard settings.

By identifying Database & Sync Software versions, you will find it easy to pick the appropriate SD card. Obviously, dealers can provide you with these cards, you may also look for them from other sources.

The most important fact is that you must buy the right version. Otherwise, you will encounter problems in updating your Ford F150 software version. After downloading the software onto your drive, you may upload it to your new software.

Always look for reliable online stores to buy your SD cards.

How to know the current version of Database and Sync software?

We have already told that versions of these two things are important to update and add navigation to the Ford F150.

  • Go to the Ford F150 dashboard and click on the settings tab.
  • Locate the gear icon. Hit the Help button
  • Choose the System Information section and track the information displayed there.

How to find the best aftermarket navigations?

You can look for reliable aftermarket navigations for your purpose. You have to install a stereo to ensure that it has high compatibility with F150.

The best navigation system includes something more than a GPS module. The most important features of these systems are automatic notifications, traffic signs, color customizations, high/low viewpoints, and 2D/3D map view. You can check out these features to buy aftermarket navigations.

F150 navigation 2014 and older models- Know about the updates

While you have F150 2014 and other older models, you must install a new unit with an upgraded Bezel. There is a need for some tools to do it rightly.

After the removal of the Bezel, you must disconnect button modules and air controls from the control hub. Detach the radio module from your truck dashboard.

However, the most complicated step is the installation of the GPS antenna. At the last step, you need to attach the clock spring connector to the system.

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