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Can You Convert a 2WD F150 to 4WD?

As you are presently using a 2wd f150 truck, you do not like to invest in a new 4WD model. That’s why converting a 2wd f150 to 4wd is the right choice to enjoy the 4-wheel drive.

2WD is best while you think of paying a low amount for insurance and gas. However, to deal with hauling, towing, and other activities, 4WD is a better choice.

Can you convert a 2wd f150 to 4wd? Yes, you can convert 2wd to 4wd. For the successful conversion, you have to add a 4-Wheel drive to your truck. When you have a truck originally created with the 2WD drivetrain, you may add 4WD.

can you convert a 2wd f150 to 4wd
can you convert a 2wd f150 to 4wd?

You need to check out mountain holes, brackets, and the wiring harness of your 2WD F-150 truck. However, you have to focus on several factors, like the suspension system, transfer case, drivetrain, engine, and transmission.

How can you convert a 2wd f150 to 4wd?

The most important things that you need to make this conversion successful are scrapyard parts. You must-have tools and time to install those parts. However, two significant ways of converting 2wd f150 to 4wd are:

How does IFS differ from SFA?

We will help you in comparing these two methods:

IFS is the more complicated one of suspension systems. Thus, while you have identified its mechanical side, you may need several customization options to have the 4WD model. That is why it may be cheaper and easier for you to prefer SFA configurations with leaf packs. The IFS include springs, dampers, lower control arms, linkages, stabilizer arms, and ball joints.

SFA suspension is simpler and more durable than that of IFS. Moreover, it is the better choice for terrains, like off-road trails and rock crawling. You will feel comfortable to deal with it. However, some cons of this suspension are the rough riding, head tossing, and trouble in tackling off-road.

Now, let us talk about the option, IFS. You may find some off-road trucks moving to IFS. Moreover, most of the SUVs also are IFS. One of the best facts with IFS is that the right and left wheels do not remain connected by one steel beam.

Thus, you will have a smoother and better ride. IFS is the right choice for those who need on-road driving regularly. Moreover, IFS enables you to drive the truck over the off-road at high speed. However, less articulation is one of the cons of IFS.

For IFS, 4×4, you need to have a 2006 Ford Ranger Sport that includes torsion bar front suspension. You have to lift your IFS front axle to 4×4. The chassis model of the 4×4 Ford Rangers differs from that of the 4×2 derivatives.

Which parts do I find from the scrapyard?

  • The front suspension that must include CV shafts and 8.8 front differential shafts
  • A Transfer Case that performs its work on the drivetrain is another essential part. The special case is one of the conversion parts, as it helps in transferring to the rear and front axles.
  • The front driveshaft is also an essential part of transforming the T-Case power to the front-side axle. You have to look for knocking, clicking, and squeaking noises.
  • Spindles and hubs are one of the vital parts that you need for conversions. 

Difference between the old and new 4WD

The choice of the right model is highly essential. While the older models are mechanical and free of electronics, modern 4WD ones have wiring harnesses. Those electronic sensors must have a connection to the intricate electronic management systems and ECU. You may need to have knowledge in the auto-electrical field to deal with these systems. It is also better to look for professionals to accomplish the process.

Another notable thing is that the older F150 models need some metal fabrications. They also need a slight reinforcement to hold the solid axle conversion and leaf spring.

Factors to be considered for 2wd F150 to 4wd conversion

You have to focus on engineering factors and components for successful conversions. Moreover, most of the truck owners lose the necessary receipts that they have obtained at the time of purchasing the vehicle. You must organize those receipts before engaging professionals for the conversion.

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