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Can you vinyl wrap a plastic bumper?

The plastic bumper of any vehicle is used to protect it from any damage results from hit or pavements beside the roads and abrasions. These bumpers are additional support to the vehicles for frequent crashes or damages, especially when you are driving a grounded car. So far, as they guarded your vehicle, they often look not good with solid and primary colors. Some want colors on them from left to right or center bumper. Some people vinyl wrap a plastic bumper to look them better. 

You can also vinyl wrap a plastic bumper of your vehicle. If you want to do it, just make sure that the procedure is completed carefully. Also, keep in mind that the vinyl wrap will not remain permanently or a very long time on a plastic bumper.

Can you vinyl wrap a plastic bumper
Can you vinyl wrap a plastic bumper?

It means, you need to change the wrap after a few months, and you may also face cause adhesive issues. To minimize these problems, use this high-quality wrap with careful installation is required.

Can you vinyl wrap a plastic bumper?

Some people may not be satisfied with the aesthetics of cars like plastic bumpers with faded color. Such as if you want to wrap your vehicle and give it a stylish look then plastic bumpers in its genuine condition can look ugly. So you can vinyl wrap a plastic bumper of your vehicle.

Wrapping vinyl on a plastic bumper

The car wraps are manufactured of high-quality vinyl, which sticks to the vehicle with powerful adhesive and remains on the car’s body for a long time. It does not work much better on the plastic bumper because the adhesive isn’t made for plastic and works on painted metal.

The other reason could be a plastic bumper comes in an intricate shape that makes it hard to wrap the whole car.

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No worries, you can still vinyl wrap a plastic bumper of your car, but you have to perform this action carefully. The thing is to remember that vinyl wrap won’t survive long on to the plastic bumper, just like the actual body of the car.

However, you can install the wrap on the bumper for its protection and look, but it won’t be a long term solution. It would be best if you also change it a few months later or it may cause sticking problems, so install high-quality wrap with careful installation.

Guide to vinyl wrap a plastic bumper

Here are few things to know when you want to install the vinyl wrap on a plastic bumper in different conditions:

Hire a professional for wrapping

When you have decided to vinyl wrap your car’s body, then you should hire an experienced vendor who can do it well. He is well trained and would install wrap with intensive care and time without dips and bumps.

Especially the plastic bumper wrapping is complicated because of its complex shapes and unconventional material.

It is also challenging to find one professional that agrees upon vinyl wrap the plastic bumper and guarantee it will work long. Besides you have to understand first how it works and remain in good condition for a long time. Then you may choose the right person for the task.

Check how it works

You need to know that even for the competent professional, it is difficult how it will be installed on bumpers. Then you can understand well how much time the task will take to complete.

Check the type of bumper

The other thing to keep in mind is to know the type of plastic bumper of your car. If it is textured and low quality, then the installation would be complicated.

The ordinary wrap will soon tear-off or may lump within a few weeks or in a month that means it wasn’t suitable for your car’s bumper.

Today car bumpers are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) that is a sturdy and good quality material when it’s painted and best for a wrap.

You can invest in this bumper and get it from the automobile store to change the aesthetic of the car and wrap it.

Required high-quality wrap

Never leave the vinyl wrap your car on the professional as you cannot trust someone otherwise you may have to see the consequences. While you can see a loss in investing in a wrap or the labor you paid to the professional.

So always use premium adhesive and high-quality wrap. It may be a bit expensive but will last longer than others.

Check if bumpers have holes and cracks

Check thoroughly of your car bumper if it may have damages or holes in it because those can interrupt installations. These cracks can cause issues to vinyl wrap the material stick in the wrong direction and can peel off the faulted area.

That’s why it’s necessary to check the bumper shouldn’t damage, or you can also change the bumper for the smooth installation of the wrap.

Wrapping a bumper in sections

Vinyl wrap is a time taken procedure, especially when installing on the plastic bumpers and for its smooth finishing because of its complex shape.

The professional will wrap it on the bumper in pieces rather than a large part. So that all the curves would be installed wrap with flexibility. It will give your vehicle a perfect look with seamless installation.

The process of wrap installation is quite tricky and to wrap the car’s hood may need a graphical set of designs. However, the whole car is easy to install the wrap on it.

Remove the excessive adhesive

If you may have seen some car wrapping video, you will get to know that cleanliness is an important part while wrapping. The excessive adhesive should be removed, especially from the front, the center part of the car, as it won’t look right.

Cleaning it would give a perfect smudge-proof look to your vehicle and a lush look whether the paint is matte or gloss on the car.

Other provisions

You have read above that vinyl wraps on plastic do not have a long lifespan apart from the installation and you should check it often. Whereas high-quality wraps on cars can quickly go for 7-10 years easily but stay on the car’s bumper for short time.

It means that while with the lifespan of car wrap, you have to change your bumper twice or thrice the time.

It would help if you also stay careful about the maintenance of the car bumper since they have to face all the splashes and crashes on the road. These situations can cause tears of your vinyl wrap sooner than the whole car wrap.

If it doesn’t peel off but may have scratches of cuts then obviously it won’t look suitable with the car’s aesthetic and cause you trouble.

After knowing the consequences, if you still want to vinyl wrap, then hire an expert to do this job, he will do it in a day or two with his skills.

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