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Do you need a CDL to drive an air brake truck

The pneumatic system of stopping a vehicle by converting the energy of motion into heat called as Air brakes. At a smaller level, mostly hydraulic system is used and that is enough for them. But at a larger scale for proper balancing of trucks with a huge body and weights pneumatic system is used to hold their inertia and velocity.

Do you need a CDL to drive an air brake truck? No, not at all but remember, Air brakes are not the criteria to judge whether you need CDL or not. It is possible at some measures that you are eligible to drive air brakes and sometimes not. It relies upon the weight of the body. Weight defines the criteria for CDL. If you are using any vehicle whose gross weight is more than 2600 lbs. then you have to fulfill the conditions for CDL.

Do you need a CDL to drive an air brake truck
Do you need a CDL to drive an air brake truck?

Do you need a CDL to drive an air brake truck?

Air brakes don’t go this way that they bound someone for CDL. Most vehicles with Air brakes are CDL operated but it doesn’t mean you need CDL for any Air-brake oriented vehicle. Here some of the facts explained about CDL and Air brakes.

When you need a CDL?

From April 1992, for commercial heavy drivers, it is necessary to have a commercial driver license (CDL) for heavy vehicles across the united states. At that time when the automotive industry was traveling towards its peak, there was a sudden increase in accidents involving heavy machinery.

This immediate effect was because of the easy access of naive people to heavy-weight machinery. That’s why Govt. of the USA has taken the step to control the situation and make it mandatory to have a CDL to drive these heavy weighing lorries i.e., vehicles with a weight of more than 26000 pounds.

While CDL has nothing to do with Air brakes. CDL requirements tend to go with the weight of vehicles. Mostly, large vehicles are operated legally by individuals that’s why they are set to bound to engage CDL in their portfolio.

Why you need a CDL?

If someone is looking for a proper carrier on the road then most likely he has to conquer the CDL with proper endorsements. It’s the kind of certificate that you are eligible to drive and you have the proper skills to manage every handy situation.

It takes time to enable yourself to operate large commercial vehicles. Before its implementation, an automobile driver was allowed to run CMVs. But this situation causes many troubles as they were not able to control CMVs in tight situations.

Keeping in view that situation, in 1986, the Commercial Motor Vehicle law came into existence. Further on with little modification, it was named CDL. To ensure that quality of driving for these huge mobiles will be delivered by only efficient drivers it was made mandatory to have CDL for these heavy bodies.

Different Types of CDL

Based on the vehicle’s weight it has been divided into three types, named as A, B, and C class. Keep in mind average automobile license was called a D-class. So here is a little detail for all these types:

Class A

This class of licenses enables you to drive any combination of cars with weight, not more than 26,000. Provided tow level for this type of class is heavier than 10,000 pounds.

Class A license can be used for the following heavy vehicles:

  • Trailers (Tractor combination)
  • Truck (Trailer combination)
  • Tank engaged vehicles
  • Flat-beds (livestock carriers)

Class B

Commercial driver license of class B is required to drive a single vehicle weighing equal to or more than 26,001 pounds, with the vehicle tow of not more than 10,000 pounds.

And class B has the following vehicles within the criteria:

  • Dump trucks (with small trailers)
  • Passenger buses (large)
  • Box trucks
  • Straight trucks

 Class C

A commercial driver license of class C is engaged to operate a vehicle that is manufactured to cover 16 or more than 16 occupants involving the driver. One more thing that falls in the class C category includes hazardous materials (HazMat).

Class C license can be used for the following vehicles:

  • Small vehicles (HazMat)
  • Passenger vans
  • Vehicles combine within (combination vehicles)
  • Vehicles not covered by class A and B

Procedure for getting CDL to drive an air brake truck

It’s maybe a difficult task for you to gather all the information about getting CDL. So, we are providing you people an easy procedure which is going to help you people a lot:

  • First of all, you must have been the age of 18 years for intrastate and 21 years for international recognition for CDL.
  • Then start the application process by submitting it at your nearest CDL center within the fee regularized for it.
  • Center can ask you for the following documents
  • Social security number (To check your state requirements)
  • Proof of state and U.S residency within your identity
  • Then you have to provide your Medical Performa within the complete certificate including vision test
  • After that, they will issue you a Commercial Learner’s Permit.
  • Wait for at least a minimum of 14 days to schedule your CDL Road skill Test
  • On test day, you must have to bring your vehicle.
  • Pay the necessary fee for your new CDL, you can also provide them your previous record as your portfolio.

Here completes all the paperwork.

And the things you must be careful about them are:

  1. Gain enough points to assure the registration.
  2. According to the criteria of Federal Regulations, you can only go for CDL road skill if you have completed your CPL 14 days before it.
  3. CPL can be valid up to one year (non-renewable) OR
  4. VALID less than one year (renewable)

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