Does Ford F150 Have Heads Up Display?

With technological advancement, everything is going more towards change. The same goes for Ford pickup trucks. To upgrade the safety standards, an innovative display system to read the truck’s movement information from the windshield, brought into the installation. In this way, drivers don’t have to remove eyes from the windshield and can check the stats easily.

Does Ford F150 have heads up display? No, Ford F150 doesn’t have a Heads up display already installed. You have to upgrade your pickup to enjoy this feature. Head up display is a simple displaying device, and we place it beside the windshield while connecting its wire with the switch.

Does Ford F150 Have Heads Up Display
Does Ford F150 Have Heads Up Display?

Does Ford F150 Have Heads Up Display?

Ford F150 doesn’t have built-in heads up display. A miniaturized technology with more safety standards can be installed in Ford F150. Here we are going to explain all the things linked with the Head-up display.

Installation of Heads Up Display in Ford F150

At first, at the mart while buying or at the time of doing order online, must check the color of HUD unit. Make sure that the physical properties like these including dimension match with the inner side of your truck’s cabin.

Obviously, these similarities add genuineness, and the simple things seem more original. While unboxing of the unit, you will be found two devices in two parts. One will be the device, and the second will be the wire to connect it with the OBD2 circuit.

Secondly after opening the box, place the HUD unit at the dash as a temporary setup.  You can set the it with some windshield thing or a little gum so that it does not run from the position.

To set the wire, maybe you are going to pull the vent cover rubber and open the casing (side vent panel) just from the right of door.

You have to pass the wire after grabbing the rubber from the vent cover. Pass a wire through the rubber and install the casing again. You can see the OBD2 port behind the steering set up.

Put the connection wire with the OBD2 port and the second side within the HUD unit. Set the unit position with the A-pillar or upper dash (on temporary basis). Provide only reasonable space to the unit on dashboard.

If the wire is long, you can set this by folding it and then adjusting through the stand. This way of setting the unit will make your setup neat.

After this, you can check the position where HUD will suit you the most. Sometimes at the bottom, there are two adhesive places available, and you can fix the HUD unit with that.

Another thing is a transparent glass sheet within the unit. If your windshield is not showing you the right results, then you can put a thin on the shield to get the things done more easily.

What to Look for in A Head-Up Display?

The transparent sheet is also known as a visual enhancement film. It’s not necessary and it is recommended to use this only if needed. Now we are going to talk about the calibration of the unit.

To access the settings, you have to press the rotating knob for 4 seconds and calibration menu will be there. To improve the experience, you can adjust the settings in your way.

By rotating the knob towards the left or right, the numbers on the menu bar will also change. So, to get back on the operation mode, you will press the knob again for 4 seconds.

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Pros of Using a Head-Up Display

  • A driver can easily manage all the things within no time. And the chance to meet with the accident reduces by 50 percent.
  • You don’t have to remove your gazes from the outside world while getting in touch with the stats of your truck.
  • An enhanced view of all the stats with the coherent information on a single gadget, so that you don’t have to look at different gadgets.
  • This wouldn’t distract you like all the dashboard functions and cell phones do.

Cons of Using Heads Up Display

  • If the layout is not simple, it can take more time. So, you must set this within your adjustability to be in a better position.
  • If you are using a vision-enhanced film, sometimes it can force you to look deeper.
  • If while driving, the position of the HUD unit got strangled. Then you have to stop the Truck or otherwise you wouldn’t be able to use it accurately.
  • It’s not a cheap thing, and you have to spend a reliable amount to get that feature.

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