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Does Lowering a Truck Void Warranty?

Today all the products come with a warranty, some have yearly some for a few months. The vehicles have also come in warranty. That’s a contract between you and the manufacturer who built the vehicle to take care of any of the replacement/repairings of the vehicle’s part if needed.

Under some circumstances, if you broke down some parts by modifying then the warranty can void due to intentional breakage and negligence.

Does lowering a truck void warranty? If you lower a truck by using lowering springs then only suspension modification would affect the warranty on the component. But if the bar fails because of lowered spring then they will void the truck warranty.

Since the dealer isn’t clear about the failure of the part he will only charge you for repair. But if the modification caused the component failure then it voids the warranty of that part.

does lowering a truck void warranty
Does lowering a truck void warranty?

Then you have to pay for the repairing of that part out of your pocket and if the aftermarket parts have not caused the issue then you will be refunded your money.

Does lowering a truck void warranty?

It is recommended before going to the aftermarket for the truck modification you must read the warranty. So you would be aware of the coverage that comes under it as some potential problems like damage aren’t covered.

It’s up to the dealership if they find out the damage was caused by the aftermarket then they will void the warranty.

The following potential reasons can void the warranty of your truck:

  • Making dramatic suspension modifications using an extreme lift or lower kits.
  • Overloading or off-roading the vehicle.
  • The vehicle’s failure due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance.
  • The significant alterations to the vehicle that affects performance.
  • Racing/competition of any type if cause damage can void the warranty.
  • Anything outside of the normal operation of the vehicle can be considered misuse.

When you go to the aftermarket and modify your truck then automakers can void your truck warranty by different installations. Especially when the suspension is modified for lowering the truck. So, it depends on the manufacturer/company they can deny your claim.

Different methods for lowering a truck?

There are some ways of modification that can save your warranty or void your truck’s entire warranty. You have several ways to lower a truck or the setup suspension as some are difficult to modify than others.

Of course, the cost always matters and big vehicles have scrapping driveway issues like speed breakers. You can go along with the following modifications of lowering the truck without a void warranty.

Lowering springs

There are suspension springs are installed near the tires and for making the truck drop down they are cut off. Most aftermarket companies are producing short springs so it may not affect the quality and performance of the vehicle.

Whereas swapping coils are also used for lowering a truck but it bothers the quality and suspension will cover a shorter distance.

Torsion bars

Big trucks that can handle heavy load comes with the type of suspension like torsion bars as these provide limited lowering but easy to adjust.

This system consists of easy modification by loosening the torsion keys to drop the truck in no time.

The torsion keys are available in the aftermarket that allows readjusting suspension when this change is not required.

Drop spindles 

The drop spindles are used to raise the front wheel when modifying the suspension geometry to drop the truck around 2 inches. It’s easy than swapping springs installation.

Suspension arms

Some companies offer suspension arms to lower the truck. But if you have a budget then you can go ahead with these modifications and maybe sacrifice to handle the truck as well.

However, some trucks have only this way to drop down the front suspension without changing in the chassis.

Rear flip kits

It is another way to lower your truck by installing a flip kit that is cheap in price and easy to install. You can get a discount to buy this flip kit by using our affiliate link.

While rear axles are factory mounted under leaf springs and so these brackets allow you to flip it all. So when mounting the rear axle on the top of the leaf spring you will get a 6-inch drop. This type of modification to the suspension will allow hauling heavy objects and to go low or you can install helper bags as well to increase the loading strength.

Leaf springs and shackles

It is the best way to cut off the height to a few inches as they are budget-friendly and easy to install. All you need to replace the old gear with new parts.

The automaker can do it within an hour by using some tools. But remember, the lowering will make the axle close to the frame. So if you don’t need to load heavy weight the speed bumps won’t feel you until on the larger bumps.


These have an awesome effect on the performance and handling of the vehicle along with the lowering. It was considered earlier to use the coil-overs for the racing vehicle only but some companies are using them on trucks.

These have adjustable dampers that can smooth the street ride and good performance of the truck. These special kits are easy to install in the classic trucks as they are needed heavier modification.

Full chassis replacement

If you budget to improve your truck performance entirely changed then revolution the chassis. It would be easy as the frames are operated under economical parameters.

So the replacement is for those who want stiffer and heavy modifications along with more cost. But not all the trucks have the supporting premade offerings. So, you may need to tailor your new chassis that is suitable for your truck.

Different ways to avoid warranty problems

By using the following ways you can avoid warrant problems.

Read the warranty

You must read out the truck’s warranty before going to do modifications to your truck that can void the warranty or don’t cover.

Service vehicle on an interval basis

If you want to keep your warranty intact follow the recommended service schedule from the manufacturers.

Records and receipts

Keep all the service records and receipts saved so in the case when you need to sell your truck it will show you maintained it well.

Warranties can interpret

When you have some issue and the service advisor denies your warranty claim unfairly then go up in the upper management or contact the automaker.

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