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How Big of Tire Can I Put on My F150?

F-150 has gained high popularity with the availability of 37-inch and 33-inch tires. It is important to know the size of the rim of your F150 before you choose the size of the tires.

How big of a tire can I put on my F150? Without taking out the crash bar, the biggest tires that you can put on F150 range from 33 x 12-inch tires on a 4wd and 33 * 12.5-inch on a 2wd. There is no need for rubbing to fit these tires. However, while the rim width is around 10” you may also choose 32” tires.

When you think of choosing the biggest tire, it is essential to squeeze the interior side of the wheel arch. It will cause a reduction in MPG. Still, the change is not noticeable until you have fitted 37-inch tires and other bigger models.

Some truck owners look for a highly aggressive MT tire and find an intense noise in the cabin while they are on the road.

How big of a tire can I put on my F150?

Vehicle owners can use a lift kit to raise their truck height while maintaining proper spacing for tires. This lift kit is best to make the vehicle look highly aggressive. What’s more, it adds more ground clearances to refine the off-road performance.

how big of tire can i put on my f150

Following are the size of the available tires which you can put on F150 truck:

  • 33” tires

When you are looking for entry-level solutions, 33 inches is the perfect size for your tires. These tires are best for those who frequently need to move their trucks through the paved roads and highways. With some off-road potentials and an aggressive look, these tires fit properly to your F-150 truck.

  • 34” tires

The minimum lift for these tires is about 4.0” and 34-inch is the standard OE tires size. To find a Raptor look, you may choose these tires. Make sure that your truck has acceptable wheel travel before fitting this size of tires. A slight trimming is needed to remove the tire rub.

  • 35” tires

With these tires, the lift has to be at least 6.0”. 2009-2018 F-150 owners prefer these tires, and there is a need of increasing the ground clearance to fit them rightly.

  • 37” tires

The minimum lift is higher (7.0”) than that of the other model. To have an aggressive lift, you can buy these tires. What is more, the ground clearance is higher compared to that of other models.

The increased lift ensures proper tire travel and suspension. You may need to trim some parts to remove tire rubbing.

Factors to consider to find the right tire size

You need to learn about some technicalities to get the best tire size for your Ford 150 truck.

  • Tire width

You can find a number in millimeters indicating the tire width. You may convert that number into inches simply by dividing it by 24.5.

  • LT Use

Check out the initial letters shown on your tires. They signify the way of using the tire. For instance, LT refers to light trucks, whereas C is for commercial trucks, and P is for passenger vehicles.

  • Tire Profile

There is an aspect ratio/percentage displayed on the tire. While it is 70%, it indicates that the sidewall covers that percentage of the tire.

  • Speed Rating

Find the letter S indicating the speed up to which the tire will have no damage within 10 minutes of travel.

  • Radial constructions

The letter R indicates Radial, and it covers 90% of the tires available today. You may also find B representing bias belt construction.

  • Rim Diameter

Mostly, the rim diameter of trucks is 17”. While you are going to purchase new rims, you must check out this diameter.

Can I put a bigger tire on F150?

You may have focused on different factors to install the tire in your F150. If you feel that your tires are bigger and not the right choice then, in that case, you may use wheel spacers to fit bigger tires on your truck.

Another option for you is fender rolling, and you will need professional help to use it.  However, your truck paint and fender may have a risk of damage.

Certified technicians use specialized tools to deal with the fender rolling process. The major purpose of doing is to twist the fender’s edge to convert it from the L-shape to the V. That is why you can fit your big tire on F150.

You may speak to professionals to learn about more ways to use the big tire.

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