How Do I Reset My Ford Door Code Without Factory Code

It is crucial to know the Ford door code to open it without a key. Understanding the code ensures the safety of trucks. However, several people may forget the door code and Ford factory code. Whenever it happens, they find themselves in a difficult situation. But what they do to reset Ford door code without factory code?

To solve this problem, we present a solution to reset the Ford door code without factory code and change it to be secured and their door to be opened.

How Do I Reset My Ford Door Code Without Factory Code

The process can be simple and easy to follow. If you don’t have the factory code, here’s everything you need to know about resetting the Ford door code, such as how it works and whether it’s possible.

How Do I Reset My Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

How do I reset my ford door code without factory code? It is nearly impossible to reset the Ford door code if you don’t have the factory key. Codes cannot be forced to function the way you wish because they have been programmed in such a way that they cannot be forced. In other words, the door can be opened without a code and also without keyfobs. But a factory-made code is necessary to reset the keyfob. Afterward, you must be resetting the door code by finding the factory code.

Benefits Of Resetting The Ford Keyless Entry Code

There are some benefits of resetting Ford keyless entry code may include:

  1. Unlock the door of your car
  2. Lock the doors of your car
  3. Recall the seat position
  4. Open the trunk
  5. Make your vehicle’s entry code unique
  6. Remove your entry code

Without your factory code, you can reset your keyless entry.

Several vehicles can be reset without a factory code. These include Fusion, Focus, Kuga, Fiesta, Puma, Connect, etc. There are several steps involved:

  1. Online generator for obtaining factory codes
  2. The first and second buttons should be pressed. After pressing each button, wait a few seconds.
  3. Please enter the new personalized code that you will be using from now on
  4. Press the first and second buttons again. This time you need to wait five seconds between each.
  5. It should be possible for the doors to lock and unlock themselves. The doors should be able to do this automatically.

Is It Possible To Reset Ford Door Code With Factory Codes?

A factory code is not possible to obtain without a reset code. To help you find free factory codes, we’ve provided this guide. You can now reset the code by using the factory code. Here’s how.

1. The first step is to provide the factory code

First, you need to do is enter the code of the factory discussed above. Putting the code is quick and straightforward.

2. Press 1,2 on your keyboard

After entering the code, you must move on to the next step. It involves pressing the 1,2 button twice.

You must press and release this button every time it is pressed. Upon completion, you will see that the door will lock itself and unlock again. It signifies that the process has been completed.