How Do I Stop My Roof Rack from Vibrating?

Roof racks are alternatives to cars with no pickup beds. They can easily manage some of the extra space and belongings for some adventurous holidays. You can put all kinds of that stuff which is difficult to put inside the vehicle’s cabin. If any kind of vibrating noise starts coming from roof rack, it can be annoying. So here we are going to explain a detailed procedure to cure this issue.

How do I stop my roof rack from vibrating? To stop the vibration, strengthen all the connecting points at the joints. Special points which need care are joints between crossbars and rack rails. You can make amendments and adjustments as well. Amendments can be done by any adhesive material binding and adjustments by putting any solid pieces among the gaps. Tapes and strips can help a lot in managing this behavior.  

How Do I Stop My Roof Rack from Vibrating
How Do I Stop My Roof Rack from Vibrating?

Roof racks are only consisting of two rails and some crossbars. This simple apparatus can handle a lot of your luggage. But also, vibration issues on the roof rack can disturb you a lot. It can shatter your whole vehicle for that moment.

How Do I Stop My Roof Rack from Vibrating?

Here in this article we are going to discuss some DIY methods to stop roof rack from vibrating. Go through this guide and follow these steps:

  • At first, check the base of the roof rack on your vehicle. Adjust if any of the damping is happening. A strong base is necessary for every development. By applying little force from side to side, you can check the solidity of the base.
  • The second thing is to check the contact points. Start from one corner and go for others. Use the weather rubber stripping from your apparatus. Scissors can be used to cut strips into normal sizes. The adhesive side of stripping can help to make stronger bonds.
  • You can face dents or damping at either point. An easy solution to cure this vibration is the use of small solid pieces. These pieces can also be of weather stripping. A vehicle’s surface can be protected easily in this way.
  • The above process can reduce vibrational noise to a great extent. But you need to be careful as inappropriate pieces can increase the dented surface.
  • Tuning of mounting points is to be done very tightly. Racks can be of any type; all you have to do is the accurate use of Allen wrench. Turn the knobs, check joints by pulling side to side, and go for strap ropes.
  • Final thing is to secure the gear with the help of rope or duct tape. Perfectly balance all the loose parts. At the final stage, make it clear that the damping of all the surfaces is totally in control.

Vibration effects on the performance of a vehicle

No doubt, roof racks support a lot in terms of handling luggage. But within the time being, loose connections of nuts and bolts produce vibration and that’s too much annoying. If the rails are a little heavier, these not only can shatter your car with vibrations but also can damage your roof easily. 

Drag force affects more on a loose rack. That means if you are driving above a certain speed, the rails of the roof rack can fell off. The result can be in the form of a broken frame of the roof rack. If you are on a highway, it can be troublesome for other traffic.

As wind forces from the front increase, it affects the performance of the engine. According to a survey, drag force works in the same way, as putting some extra weight into the vehicle. In this way, the vehicle has to carry on with the extra burden. The result will be; more power will be consumed. A simple tip to dodge this is to avoid over speeding.

Similarly, power consumption leads towards fuel consumption. This whole mess overall acts as a burden over the vehicle’s performance. So, taking care of the roof rack is necessary and you can uninstall it any time to lower the burden for better performance of the vehicle.

Taking care of roof racks to avoid vibrations

We have compiled a detailed list of some precautions for proper maintenance of roof racks and stop them from vibrating:

Products for cleaning     

Choose the products carefully, as low-standard cleaners can ruin the entire material. And make a habit of cleaning every week. Simply, you can use a water mixture with a car wash. Avoid all types of additives or alcohol, otherwise, these can damage your paint very easily.

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Functioning of racks

It is not always okay to once install racks and then forget to remove them for months. For proper functioning, you can remove them when they are no more needed. It can roughly take half an hour. This can increase the life span of racks. Whenever you remove these or reinstall, never let the roof be dusty.

Things to remember while carwash

If you are not doing the wash manually then removing these is best. Otherwise, there is the possibility that these can get damaged by the strong washers. Maybe brushes can stick inside some connectivity places. While removing, carefully do all the things as accessories safety is necessary too.

Some tips

Always keep your gear in the best condition. If you are using these for the first time, then it is best to gather information about racks. You can read the instruction manual for the purpose to get better info.