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How To Keep A Truck Camper Warm?

To get a little warmer environment at truck camper after a whole day adventure, you can try following DIY methods.

How to keep a truck camper warm? You can use a heater to quickly warm up a truck camper. The wood stove can also be a better option for heating purposes with a good quantity of propane bags.

How to keep a truck camper warm
How to keep a truck camper warm?

Moreover, your camper can get cover up with snow so getting a push broom with a long handle will be a good choice. To get better with floor insulation, cover the whole surface with carpet. Keep curtains down and check their tightness so that no additional heat comes inside.

How to keep a truck camper warm?

You can warm up your camper by different methods. Some methods that I am going to discuss here are a little unconventional, but they do keep your truck warm and comfortable.

Whether you choose to insulate, build a Heat Grabber, or buy a wood stove or electrical space radiator from Amazon. You have lots of ways to stay safe from the winter.

Electric Heater For Truck Camper

An electric heater is the quickest and easiest method to keep a truck camper warm. You have the choice to use propane first. But in the case, you are looking for more heat or propane gas runs out, an electrical heater will be a good idea.

You don’t need to run the heater for hours. Once it is warm enough, you can switch it off and can run it again when it is needed.

Your safety matters a lot so it is recommended to turn off the heater while sleeping or just run it at a minimum level.

Campers can catch fire instantly because of less connection with the outer environment so be careful with them.

Curtains And Windows

Be alert with the curtains and keep their fitting tight. Only open them during winter if there is enough sunset outside. You can also do insulation at windows through some plastic sheets.

Cover all the glass fully and use the sheet of thin size to work properly. You can use Styrofoam too but for that, you have to set a casing for proper fitting. Insulation at curtains and windows will provide you sound results.

You can use adhesives to bind the Styrofoam or sheet with the windows. First, wipe the window’s screen and use the insulation.

Wrinkles can produce there within the air bubbles, you have to use them carefully. Might be you have to use your hairdryer to remove the humidity from the edges of the window for better attachment or insulation.


Proper insulation is the key factor in keeping the camper warm. Not only around the walls but for the bottom surface too.

Cover all the holes and don’t forget to check inside of cabins. Close the cabin doors carefully in the camper, always put some fiber to tackle any problem related to the covering of doors or walls. Your first focus must be on windows and vents.

For the floor, you can use this decorative carpet so that it gives you benefit both in terms of beautification and filling. Carpets are made up of coarse material and that can help you to protect the inner surface from getting cold.

If in terms of reducing a camper area, you are feeling any shortness of surface, you can lay above the carpet for sleeping purposes.

Reduce The Camper Area

Reducing the camper area means separating the additional surface of the camper by doing a little casing. This option is not valid in case if you already have a small camper.

In doing this, the airflow will be trapped to limited space and it can be warmed quickly. All you have to do is set a little room by doing a casing made up of reedy wood or plastic.

This space will include all the living portion of your camper, you can also include the pet’s area according to the requirements.

If your camper is of small size, you can turn only your bed portion into a separate place.


You can’t deny the importance of a stove, and a camper without a stove can’t be completed. With the primary drive to cook food, all the fire that is going to be burned, directly or indirectly going to add some temperature to the camper.

According to the research from experts, heat added to the camper from the stove or any other fire burning source has a long-lasting impact.

It is recommended to cook food inside especially during winter. As not only it is going to warm your camper but also the energy which is burning through the consumption of oil also converting itself in the form of heat. While during summer, it is suggested to use the oven.

Sleeping Bags

There is no surprise that during winter time it’s going to be 5 to 10 degrees inside the camper. You have to be careful with the clothing and blanket you are going to use. Must put some extra sleeping bags with yourself. They are going to cover some space and that going to help you.

Simply, when they will be more, more the coldness they are going to absorb. But that’s not the only use they have. If you are still feeling uncomfortable in that environment, you can put it on your bed. 

Propane Cylinders

This is the thing over which you can’t compromise and that’s because during winter this is going to be used for multiple purposes. Propane can be used as an energy source and you can use it for multiple purposes even heating for drinking purposes.

You can also burn propane directly for heating, for example after returning from outside you can turn it on by connecting it with the stove. Sit in front of it and warm up your hands, face, and foot. It can help you in getting the normal within few minutes. Consumption of propane is going to bring the temperature to normal.

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