How to Make Your Truck More Aerodynamic

In this article, we are going to cover multiple changes that you can do in your truck to make it more Aerodynamic or less air resistant.

How to make your truck more aerodynamic? The slippery shape is the first step to make a truck more aerodynamic. Special shape wheel covers at the front tires and mud flaps at rear wheels with certain material are also helpful to a certain factor. For further support, drive fenders at the front of the truck can control the airflow. You can also install whale tails at the top of the cab and a vortex generator below the body for air reduction.

How to make your truck more aerodynamic
How to make your truck more aerodynamic?

While manipulating the design of any vehicle, the thing that has an important role is the coefficient of friction. The lesser it will be, the lesser the resistance a truck will have to face. The aerodynamic term can be explained in the context of the Air-friendly truck body.

How to make your truck more aerodynamic?

Below we have explained all the factors that control the air resistant flow and helps in maintaining a more aerodynamic shape.

Front shape of a truck

Our main concern with the shape is to design it in such a way that drag force remains at a minimum. When the flow of air around the truck becomes streamline, that means friction will be minimum.

We have seen a lot of improvements in designs for better evaluation from the end of the last century.

The bumpers have an important role in sustaining air pressure minimum. Designers used to design vehicles in such a way that they don’t have to lose their stylish shape while keeping the minimum pressure.

You can take the example of bullet train for better understanding.

Vortex generator

Vortex generators are small size pipes installed at the surface of the truck. They work on the simple principle by reducing the air pressure coming downwards after striking the lower end of the truck.

By installing these pipes, the flow of the air occurs in separate layers that give a boost to the truck movement without any support. The more the speed of the truck will be, the more the boost will happen.

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In another view, they work by minimizing the air drag at the backend of the truck. the air passing through the vanes takes more time to pass balancing the turbulent flow of the air.

Tonneau covers

The depth of the truck bed is also responsible to trap in some air inside the truck. when a pickup truck is moving that means the air trapped will give resistance to the whole truck.

If a truck has more depth, then it will also provide more resistance. So, to avoid this you can install it.

The friction provided by the depth of the truck can reduce from 5 to 7 percent by fitting a tonneau cover. When the friction will be reduced, it will affect automatically control the fuel economy. 

These retractable tonneau covers (I personally love these) also have the folding ability, you can fold them when there is no need.

Drive fenders

These are the coverings of tires but installed and shaped at a very special angle. These covering are fitted at the front of the tires. They are responsible to give dimension to all the starting pressure.

The air after passing through these fenders move on to the lower part in a very streamlined manner. These can be also helpful to make your truck more aerodynamic.

As drive fenders lead the vehicle so if the pressure at these vendors is not balanced that means the rest of the struggle is not going to work.

So, the correct shape is necessary to control all the air pressure. These are installed at the rigs and reduces the efforts of the engine too by reducing the drag coefficient.


Mudflaps are usually installed at the back wheels. These are used to control all the mud moving in the tangent direction after connection with the moving tires. They are applied to hinder the movement of mud to turn its direction from tangent to downward.

These flaps are made up of solid material for long wear and tear as they have to restrict every type of mud. So, if you do some small holes keeping in view the mud going to be produced at that end, it will be beneficial.

In this way, all the air that previously have to face the barrier will now pass easily.

Whale tails use to make your truck more aerodynamic

Whale tails are fitted at the outer side of the cab. When air passes by the floor of the cab after striking the windshield, the whale tail gives it a smooth ending.

Because of its tail type shape, it provides the air a non-turbulent ending. It is also known as the truck wing because of its airfoil performance.

Its slim cornered front shape helps to lower air pressure. And the air passes more smoothly than the normal truck. This is helpful, especially during windy conditions. By lowering air pressure, it saves engine power and fuel economy too.

Wheel covers

Generally, wheels are not well-thought-out while considering aerodynamic designs. But they also play role in converting the truck into a more resistant one. There are spaces among all the wheels. When the truck moves at high speed, the air is used to trap inside these spaces producing friction for the truck.

As the spaces been covered when we fit wheel covers at tires. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you but if you cover even half of the gap, that also a good move for the fuel economy. 

Narrow tires

Narrow tires offer less area to the coming wind. The principle of resistance is simple; the smaller area will have smaller resistance.

Newly built models are adopting this technique. You can easily notice that all the new models of all trucks are having smaller tires.

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