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How to prep a chrome bumper for paint?

Chrome bumpers are the first and front parts of your truck body. And it is indispensable to maintain a fresh paint layer on them to avoid rusting. It seems quite easy to paint a chrome bumper, but trust that preparing a chrome bumper for paint is even more important than painting the chrome bumper.

So there is a question in your mind that how to make a chrome bumper for painting? Well, we are going to tell a perfect way of preparing your truck chrome bumper for paint.

You can prepare a chrome bumper for paint washing with soap and water, wiping with a waxy material, and using sandpaper to remove any rusty content from the surface of a chrome bumper. You can also spray self-etching primer before applying paint.

How to prep a chrome bumper for paint?

There are the following steps that are very helpful in preparing a chrome bumper for paint. You should follow these steps if you want to save your truck bumper from any rust and maintaining a coating of paint for a long time.

Remove the chrome bumper from the truck for paint

Removing the chrome bumper from the truck body is very necessary because it causes a convenience in the painting process. It is effortless to remove the chrome bumper because you only have to remove some screws, and that’s all. You will find these screws by opening the hood of your truck. Apply the same method for removing the rear chrome bumper also.

Wash the Chrome bumper

The next step in preparing a chrome bumper for paint is to wash the chrome bumper. You can use soap and water for this purpose. By washing the chrome bumper before applying paint, all the dirt, dust, and other dirty material can be 100% removed from the bumper’s surface.

One thing should be essential to keep in mind that you should immediately start drying the bumper after washing to remove any dampness. Dampness is an enemy of paint.

Remove any rusty material from the chrome bumper

As you know, the chrome bumpers are rear and front parts of your truck, that is why they can be rusted quickly. So, it is essential to remove any rusty material before you should start painting. There is a proper way of removing rust from your chrome bumpers.

To do this, combine vinegar and baking soda until they structure a thick glue. Take a cloth or a material and spread the rusted region with the paste. Afterward, let it sit for around 5 minutes, and eventually use steel fleece to take the rust off the bumper.

The vinegar and baking soda blend should make the rust particles extricate. If your chrome bumper, despite everything, gives indications of rust, rehash the procedure over. Wipe down the chrome bumper with water or cleanser once you’ve evacuated the rust to make sure to have a decent spotless surface.  

Use Sandpaper on bumpers

To apply paint to your chrome bumper, you have to make a serviceable surface for the preliminary. Use this special sandpaper or buy a double activity sander from Amazon to expel any flaws.

Start with coarser sandpaper, for example, 60-or 120-grit, and afterward utilize 320-grit paper for better completion.

The objective is to dismiss the sparkling quality from the chrome surface. On the off chance that you have to expel chipping spots, profound scars, or do substantial sanding, you should utilize 40-to 60-grit paper.

For fixing little flaws, attempt the 80-to 120-grit paper. For an exceptionally smooth surface, use 360-to 600-grit paper. This should leave you with a surface without numerous scratches.

Application of Grease and Wax remover

If there are any traces of dirt, oil, or other contaminants, you should use grease and wax remover to remove all these contaminants. Pollutants of any sort that remained on the surface of the chrome bumpers can cause difficulty in painting the bumper and compromise the durability of the paint coat. You can purchase grease and wax remover at discount by using our affiliate link.

Saving those areas of bumpers, where you don’t want to paint

There are some areas on the chrome bumper where you don’t want to paint over. There is a straightforward solution for saving these parts that you should tape all the pieces and areas of your chrome bumper where you don’t want to paint over.

Priming the Chrome bumper before painting

Before applying a paint coat to your chrome bumper, it is indispensable to use primer on it. You can spray the chrome bumper with a self-etching primer, which will allow the regular primer to hold metal tightly. You should spray at least 2-3 coats of self-etching primer and allow it to settle down and dry.

After a self-etching primer, you should spray the bumper with a regular automotive primer. This is the primer that will help the paint to hold on to the chrome bumper’s metallic surface. It is also a rust-proof primer. 2-3 coats of regular primers are needed before painting the chrome bumper.

After drying the primer, the next step you should take is to sand the bumper surface with the sandpaper of 400-600 grit. You will get a smooth surface after sanding your bumper with sandpaper.

Carefully remove all kinds of residues of dust, dirt, or primer from the surface of the bumper by using water or grease and wax remover. If these residues left on the surface of the bumper, they would cause an early removal of paint.

Your chrome bumper is ready for painting, and now you can apply the paint on the surface of the bumper. It would be best if you chose a ventilating area and environment for painting the chrome bumper.

The above steps are the best to prepare a chrome bumper for paint. You have to follow these steps, and surely you will find no difficulty in your way. One thing is vital to note that you should handle all these things very carefully and use proper personal protection equipment before doing all this procedure.

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