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Should I put running boards on my truck?

Running boards are mostly used at the bottom of the trucks, either one side or on both sides. These are located beneath the truck door also. There are two primary and essential functions of running boards.

Running boards protects your truck from road debris and dirt, and it also acts as an extra step in the staircase of your truck door.

Many people have a question in their mind that “should I put running boards on my truck?” Well, we will give you the answer to this question with the arguments in this short piece of article.

It would be best if you put running boards on your truck because they are a protective weapon for your truck from dirt, debris, and dirty water. They also serve as an extra step in your staircase of the door.

But as of all things, running boards also have some pros and cons. Mostly advantages are more than the disadvantages of running boards, which is why we recommend that you should put running boards on your truck.

In taller trucks, running boards are essential because, without them, it looks like you are climbing a hill, not a truck.

Should I put running boards on my truck?

The truck is a vehicle of long journeys, and on long trips, you will face many kinds of dirty and debris containing roads. The trash and rock dirt can destroy your metal truck parts like nails if you have no running boards on your truck. If you have placed the running boards on your truck, they will block the debris material to a considerable extent, or you can say 90%.

The running boards always keep clean the interior of your truck. So, you can say that they act like a doormat for your truck also.

Composition of Running Boards

Running Boards are made with any materials nowadays. For example, the running boards which are made from diamond-plate steel are trendy nowadays. The running boards can also be composed of rubber, plastic, and fiberglass. You can select proper running boards for you in this rang. It is highly recommended that you should always use a high-quality running board.

Running boards are also acting as ladders nowadays in taller trucks. If you are using running boards on your truck, you must always keep them clean like your home ladders. It would help if you kept them dry so no one should slip from them. Some running boards have a built-in holding surface that can help improve footing; nonetheless, these surfaces can wear out after some time.

A simple method to recover footing once the surface destroys is by utilizing deck tape, which is similar to what skateboarders use to get a hold on their sheets.

When running boards were first put on trucks, they were ordinarily on the truck’s two sides to make sure they balance trucks. This is because vintage trucks sat higher off the ground than our cutting edge vehicles do. As later model trucks were discharged, their ground leeway was lower, and running boards became less required. In any case, a few trucks continued running boards only for stylish reasons.

Types of running Boards

Mostly, there are two types of running boards, and Lighted running boards provide both functionality and style to your truck. They are unique and perfect running boards because they are usually connected with lights, and that is why a glowing surface has. This glowing surface makes the stepping up to the truck, very easy. Each time you open the door of the truck, you will see an illuminated running board, on which you can put your foot comfortably and securely.

Pros and Cons of Running Boards

Like all other products, running boards also have some pros and cons. If you have asked many people, should you put running boards on a truck; these pros and cons will provide the best answer to your question.


  • The Running boards protect your truck from different corrosion causing elements such as debris, dirt, and mud. They save your truck’s metal parts mainly.
  • The running boards impart a very stylish look to your truck. The running boards of different designs are available in the markets, and you can buy such kinds of running boards, which you fancy.
  • They are accommodating for a small child and elderly peoples because both children and elderly people can easily put their feet on the running board and climb the truck. The running board will provide you an extra step in your staircase of the truck.
  • Running boards will clean your truck’s interior clean from any kind of debris and dirt.
  • You can easily swipe your feet to wipe off any dirt attached to your feet while sitting in your truck.


  • If you have running boards on your truck, you cannot easily crawl under your vehicle to fix or see something. These boards can cause an interruption in your regular truck maintenance. That is why running boards can create some challenges for you.
  • The quality is the biggest issue with the boards because it is challenging to find a high-quality and long-lasting running boards for your truck.
  • Keeping them dry and clean is another challenge for you because any dirty material can cause slippery conditions on your running board, and you can slip from it. That is why if you would not keep your running boards clean and dry, they can cause a severe injury.


As you have read the pros and cons of running boards, you can conclude that the disadvantages are far less than the advantages. So, according to our recommendations, you should always put running boards on your trucks for safety from dirt and other kinds of corrosion, causing reagents. They will surely help you in your truck’s staircase also by adding a step to them.

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