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What used trucks to avoid

Today we are publishing a list with detailed reasons for 10 used trucks to avoid.

What used trucks to avoid? The suggested used trucks that should be avoided are Chevrolet Colorado, Ford F150, Dodge Ram-1500, Chevrolet Avalanche, and Chevrolet SSR.

In America, 15 million vehicles are producing each year, in which half of them are trucks, SUVs, vans, and crossovers. America’s market consumes massive numbers of used trucks that are available each year for sale.

So it is necessary to know what used trucks to buy and what to avoid.

What used trucks to avoid?

All types of popular manufacturers produce at least one pickup truck in America. So that we can see millions of new and used trucks are for sale.

Modern technology has changed the old, dusty, dirty, rigid trucks into user-friendly vehicles and high-quality materials.

Some people buy trucks for their looks or appearance; they do not use them as workhorses. So far, every new technology with time presents new options, body, versions, and engine choices.

What used trucks to avoid
What used trucks to avoid?

Finding the right truck, especially when buying used trucks, includes condition, model, wear, possible recalls, damages, mileage, and a salvage title.

Here we have compiled a list of some used trucks that should be avoided to buy:

Chevrolet Colorado (2004, 2005, 2008, 2015)

Chevrolet is a half-ton truck that might seem best for towing, cheap in price, and easy to handle. However, plagued with issues like AC do not work on low and engine failure.

Moreover, rusted frame, leaking water, fried electric system, and radiator failure, which cause abnormal heat to the engine.

Most of the years, it has a damaged child seat, brake lights could cause a crash, and then finally, transmission issues.

Ford F-150 (1997-2004)

When you want to choose a used truck, then keep in mind a few models to avoid, and the Ford F150 includes in the list.

The main reason for avoiding this truck is that when it got into an accident, it would be folk like an origami crane wherever it hits, whether head, side, or frontal area.

It is difficult to find what is the cause of this fault, whether its material or design. Both NHTS and IIHS tested trucks and found that the truck lacking safety and gave a poor rating to it.

Dodge-Ram 1500 (2010)

This is a popular model of trucks and a massive vehicle. But, the 2010 model is the one you shouldn’t buy when looking for old trucks.

The fault is its base 3.7-liter V6 engine with just 215HP and 235 lb-ft of torque weak and poor fuel economy figures.

From NHTSA crash testing earned three stars despite the look is excellent and low price, avoid this model, or choose a newer one.

Chevrolet Avalanche (2002, 2005, 2007, 2008)

Avalanche is far-gone, but there are few used ones are still exist with smart midget design and allow SUV to pick upconversion. The speedometer malfunction is faulted and have low towing figures.

Its speed increases unintentionally and then failed transmission in the 04 or 05 models. It also consumes more fuel and is an upsetting truck, so you should not invest.

GMC Canyon and Sierra (2000, 2008, 2014, 2015)

Older canyons have brake and electrical issues, while the 2015 model suffers unreliable automatic transmission, which downshifts real rough.

The 2014 model GMC Sierra 1500 has a headlight issue; you can’t even see what’s ahead. So, be careful while investing in used Canyon trucks.

The models have average reliability and get 3.1 points out of 5 ratings. Whereas the 2009 model has towing and hauling capabilities and a fuel-efficient, V8 powerful engine and earned 5-star ratings, so you may consider it.

Dodge Ram 1500 (2000-2003)

The late 90s was not the best time for the truck manufacturers because this second-generation truck was not loved ever at the beginning nor later.

The flawed model 4.7-liter “Magnum” V8 had oil sludge problems and engine transmission failure. The other main issues are cracked dashboards, premature rusting, and interior trim and faulty electronics.

Chevrolet SSR (2003)

At the time when the retro design was introduced, they thought that Chevrolet would be a tremendous retro-styled truck with a sporty feel and could work as a lifestyle car.

They introduced a super sports roadster (SSR) in 2003 Corvette V8 engine, a tight cabin for two passengers, and a hot rod with 400 HP vehicle.

Whereas it was a rather slow car, and performance wasn’t attractive with a sprint to 60mph/6sec instead look beautiful on the road.

The market response wasn’t good for the price of $45000 killed the model, and now Chevrolet in 2006 built-in $24000. You can pick one according to your budget.

Dodge Dakota (2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006)

You cannot afford this truck a new one, and the models from 2000 and 2002 have experienced failure of oil pressure due to oil mud buildup and brake issues.

The truck’s brake locked up randomly, require rotor replacement, caliper, and pads, in 2004 it experiencing rough shifting. Sometimes its engine idles and troubles more to brake you can get sick of the issue. So, it’s better not to buy any of the listed models at any cost.

Toyota Tundra (2000-2003)

Toyota Tundra is a bulletproof reliability truck, and most developing in the world and have not seen the scrapyard yet or soon.

You will find 500,000-mile pickup trucks for sale and still in use, but the unfortunate model is 2000.

The major fault was 110,000 unit recall for rusting rear cross member (frame support that runs transversely and keeps the structure together). Other reasons contribute include air pump failure, prone to HVAC, piston issues in 5.7 liter V8, fading paint, and electrical gremlins.

You may skip the reliability for these issues, but it should be avoided to buy.

Nissan Frontier (2005-2008)

Nissan is the most popular brand of cars, trucks like Dodge Dakota, Toyota Tacoma, and other oversized vehicles, as it was a dependable truck for work.

But, issues started in the year 2005 to 2008 models with transmission failures because of a big vehicle.

It wasn’t the only problem Nissan have to face, but the radiator was cracking after 100,000 miles, coolant goes into the gearbox and mixing with ATF oil.

It was creating irreversible damage to the truck because of dissolving coolant chemicals in oil and transmission run without lubrication.

This whole process overheats the vehicle’s gearbox and break down the engine. You cannot rely on this type of issue, whether it’s a truck you can afford, but you should avoid buying.

If you still want it, then check the transmission at first or if the seller replaces it or solved any problem with the radiator. Otherwise, avoid buying this used truck at any cost.

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