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Why Do Guys Squat Trucks

The squat is a term that is mostly used for trucks. If you have a truck and want to squat like others, you must know why do guys squat trucks.

Some guys have a craze to squat the trucks. Among them, some have aesthetic sense and like the vehicle with a look that its front is elevated. Guys also squat trucks while at high speed on bumpy tracks to prevent any harm.

Why Do Guys Squat Trucks
Why Do Guys Squat Trucks?

This term is also called Carolina Squat or Carolina lean. Guys squat trucks by raising the front end more than normal and lowering the rear end. Squatting on trucks is done for look and style. There is no significant performance of squatting unless you are running your truck at high speed on an inadequate surface.

Why do guys squat trucks?

Squatting a truck is the trend. In its practice, a lift kit is installed in the front end of the truck and sometimes a lowering kit is installed in the rear end of the truck. It can be useful if you are traveling at high speed in bumpy areas.

If the truck meets high jumps, it helps to lessen the chance of nose-diving of the vehicle. When the truck meets a bump while at high speed, the rear side of the truck hits first to the land. It prevents the truck from severe crashes.

The squatting position is also suitable in the Baja race. This race occurs in the desert which is full of sand and hilly. The front end is elevated with torsion bars adjustment or a ball-joint lift and the rear end remains standard or in some cases is lowered down.

Types of lifts to squat trucks

Lifts are the kits that are used to elevate the vehicle. Different lifts are having their advantages as well disadvantages. The most common lift types are discussed here:

Leveling lifts

These lifts are used to lift the front part of the vehicle. They can lift the vehicle from ½ inch to 3 inches. They are generally affordable.

Body lift kits

They can lift the truck up to 3 inches. Using these lifts, the drivers can add large wheels to the vehicle

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Suspension lifts

Suspension lifts can elevate the truck from 2 to 6 inches high. In these lifts, drivers can add large tires as well.

Drawbacks to squat a truck

To squat the vehicle, the following drawbacks are significant to focus on:

Poor sightlines

In a squatting position, when your truck is lifted from the front end, your angle of sitting also changes. You cannot see the dash as well as traffic properly. Did you see the people who squat their trucks always have their hats on backward?

The reason is, while sitting in the truck which is in a squat position, they are unable to see on the dash due to the brim of the hat.

Towing capacity

Trucks are designed very carefully to manage the balance of the weight of the payloads either on a trailer or in the box.  When you squat your truck, the balance is reduced. By doing this, not only the look of the truck is changed but also changes its function that is more important to consider. If you squat the truck, you cannot put any load on it because the rear end already lowers down to the land.

Headlight angle

If you elevate the front side of the truck, the angle of the headlights also changes. They do not illuminate at the ground rather point upwards to the sky. It also makes the people blind who are on the front. In this case, their safety is at risk. If the angle of headlights is adjusted downward, they may go down so far.

Reduced handling/steering ability

Lifting the front end and lowering the rear end also affect your sitting position. When the sitting position will changes you will not be able to handle the steering wheel properly. So this will create difficulty for you while driving.

Decreased ability to stop

While in the squat position, the braking power of the trucks is also worse. The center of gravity of your truck changes so it is difficult for the lifted truck to stop.

Rear-end collisions

If the driver is struck by any lifted vehicle in the rear end, he can suffer from whiplash and soft tissue injuries. When the vehicle is struck by a lifted truck, the elevated height of the truck can crush the unmoving vehicle and cause serious injuries.


Lifted trucks are in danger of rollover. In this situation, not only occupants of the truck but also other drivers on the road can suffer injuries or even death. Moreover, if there is cargo loaded on the truck, it can also spill and cause havoc on the road. 

Cause pollution

Some drivers cut off the catalytic converters of the vehicles. This act causes pollution to the environment.

Final verdict

Overall, squatting makes no sense and significant purpose. We can also call it a fashion which guys are normally adopted while having their trucks. The only benefit is it helps to prevent any harm at high speed while racing or traveling off-road.

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