Why Do Some Trucks Have Two Back Wheels

Have you ever noted that why do some trucks have two back wheels rather than one? The specialized term used for two back wheels in a truck is “Dual Rear Wheel” abbreviated as DRW. The dual real wheel comes down to extend the security and soundness of the truck while being towed.

It has a total of six rear wheels, divided into two pairs. The DRW was the most prevalent automotive arrangement until the late 20th century. A longitudinally positioned engine is found in the front of most double DRW heavy automobiles.

Why Do Some Trucks Have Two Back Wheels
Why Do Some Trucks Have Two Back Wheels?

Why do some trucks have two back wheels? Most of the cargo lying at the back of the truck, so they feature two back wheels to maintain the safety and stability of goods. Furthermore, the truck engine is connected to the back wheels, the dual back wheels provide a better road grip. The truck also can distribute the weight more evenly while carrying heavy loads.

The two back wheels also imply that if one of your wheels blows out on the road, you have a greater chance of safely getting yourself and your goods to reach your targeted place rather than being stuck on the road. DRW trucks are mostly used to carry heavy loads and commercial operations.

Why do some trucks have two back wheels?

A truck can disperse the load more equally and have more stability with two wheels rather than one. This means that each tire supports less load, resulting in a smaller impact on the road damage. A tag axle, which is normally floating in the air, can be seen on a dump truck.

Below we have explained all the reasons that why having two back wheels is beneficial for trucks:

Higher Payload

Driving a truck with a load in it is double responsibility. The way a truck is driven and several other functions including tire performance support the driving, handling the load that is being carried.

Dual trucks often have a higher payload and can carry more load than single rear wheel trucks. This variation depends upon the type of truck and the activity.

Stability for handling heavy loads

When the truck is optimized for heavy towing such as boat or horse trailer etc. Having two back wheels give additional safety and stability the double wheels helps distribute the payload’s weight. This weight has an impact not just on loading dynamics but also on the vehicle’s overall stability.

Distribution of load

The division of load in truck depends upon the number of tires. More is the number of tires more even distribution of load occurs and there will be more chances that each tire faces a suitable amount of pressure. A truck is a heavy vehicle with most of the load centered at the back, so double back wheels provide balance and better load distribution.

Less damage caused to the road

To keep within the safe operating limitations of the tires and minimize the amount of road damage surface, trucks carrying a large load must distribute the load out over the road surface.

This can only be possible in trucks having double back wheels. They move smoothly on the surface that prevents the roads from damage.

Better grip on the road

Double tires usually contain double rubber around their tracks. This simply means that truck tires can make better contact with the road, resulting in improved grip and traction. To put it another way, it enables improved grip and handling.

Stronger and larger real axle

A center shaft for a revolving gear or wheel is known as an axel. The majority of trucks have a tandem axel with one front steer axle and two back axels. The axels allow the trucks to bear more load while also assisting in their propulsion. The trucks having double wheels contain larger and stronger axels to carry heavy loads.

Benefits of two back wheels in windy conditions

The double wheels also increase stability and balance, by giving the truck more touch with the road, especially when it’s windy. One significant advantage of double back wheels trucks is that utilizing a single wheel truck can be a nerve-wracking experience. Crosswinds are less of an issue using a double rear wheel truck. Crosswinds are also made easier with a gooseneck.

Less possibility to stuck on the road in emergencies

Another advantage is that if one of the back tires blows out, the remaining three back wheels are easier to manage. After that, a truck may be stopped and driven easily to reach the targeted place. So double back wheels reduce the stress and worries in case of emergencies.

Better braking

As previously stated, trucks with double back tires have a larger patch and better road grip. So two tires will almost certainly result in better performance by lowering braking distance.

Corner handling

More road contact, wider thread, and stiffer sidewalls occur from double back wheels in trucks. All of these characteristics contribute to superior corner handling.

Safety and Security of Goods

As it is mentioned above that double wheels provide batter handling of goods by distributing weight evenly so there are minimum chances of goods damage by jumps and jerks. You can safely move your cargo without any physical harm.

Minimize trucks accidents

Due to better gripping and contact with roads, double back wheels in trucks provides safety of life to drivers and other travelers. There are fewer chances of road accidents and lying down of trucks on the road along with goods. 

Trucks have the majority of the load at the back because the rear tires would be unable to provide enough traction to properly control the increased load they would be rear-biased and fundamentally unstable during turns. Double tires on the backside of the truck serve to balance the load and make it safer to drive.

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