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Why Do Trucks Have Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are also known as splash or mudguards, these are made up of durable material, a little tough than rubber. Trucks have mud flaps to protect the tires and mechanical components near the tires. Mudflaps are important accessories as they not only serve best for off-road performance but also for on-road performance.

Why do trucks have mud flaps? Mud flaps are used for the protection and longevity of mechanical parts of the truck. These are necessary for the protection of other small vehicles passing by the truck as these lower the splashing. Many companies also do advertisements on these flaps. At a very low price, mud flaps can add both beauty and safety to your truck.

Why Do Trucks Have Mud Flaps
Why Do Trucks Have Mud Flaps

Mud flaps exist in the market in different designs and styles to add beauty to the truck by providing fortification. These are made up of tough material to withstand the debris and harsh climate conditions.

Why do trucks have mud flaps?

Mud flaps are used to protect the vehicle’s tires and other mechanical parts from mud, dirt, rocks, and water. detailed benefits of using mud flaps are given below:

Body Protection

The debris, rocks, ice, or coal tar on the road can produce scratches on the metal body and inner components after making a connection with the wheel. Mud flaps protect your truck from corrosion of rocks and dings that can happen during certain conditions.

The inner side of the tire and underbody parts can be damaged if mud flaps are not installed. Doors and quarter panels receive scrapes directly and these scratches are harmful to body paint. Once the paint got defected, the means chances of corrosion to the body are more.


Projection of water and rocks can be dangerous as we all know they get off from the tire in the curvature direction. All the mud hidden somewhere in the potholes will be getting in touch with the wheel covers of the tires.

The splash produced not only going to harm your truck’s body but also can scatter on nearby small vehicles.  


No doubt, mud flaps increase the life span of tires and the components of tires. You can understand this situation quite easily with an example.

Let consider that, you are driving along a muddy road, there are more chances that you are going to catch mud inside the tires. Maybe mud gets attached within the under-carriage components.

So, a well-fitted mud flap can save you from this; it also protects the under-carriage components. More your car is getting in touch with the mud more will be odds of fall prey to rust. And rusting can damage your metalic body badly. For proper protection, it is highly suggested to buy these mudguards from Amazon for your truck.

Truck’s Cleaning

The main purpose of mud flaps is to catch dirt from the surrounding that is falling over the tires. By catching the dirt, mud flaps play a role to keep the body clean.

The dirt or mud which falls over the tires got stuck within the tires and nearby components. The metal body of the truck got affected too and these mudguards help to minimize the quantity of mud.

These are helpful during the rainy season or if you are performing off-road performance. The mud after striking within the tire goes in the tangent direction.

These mud flaps are fitted in a way that mud directly made contact with them. So, they are special to keep a truck’s body clean.

No Effect On Drag Force

Most truck owners care about their fuel consumption while making a truck more aerodynamic. More aerodynamic means less consumption of fuel that helps in making the drive healthier.

Because of the small size and special design of mud flaps, drag force remains unchanged with or without the installation of mudguards.

There is too much small distance between the tire and mud flaps. The second reason is the design and similarly, the size of the flap is small. These things support the factor that dragged force remains unaffected within the installation of mud flaps.

Reasonable Price

For the tire’s protection and their related components, mud flaps are not expensive at all. If we compare the maintenance cost of tire-related parts, mud flaps are not a big deal.

We all know, if there happens any issue after sucking any mud inside mechanical components, it can cause damage to the whole suspension bar.

Similarly, if the paint of your truck gets scratched because of the splashes on the body, it will never be going to be the same again. Fear of corrosion or you have to paint once more, so keeping that view in mind, mud flaps have a reasonable price.

Brand (Advertisement)

Marketing is an important part of every company’s strategy. So, if there would be any logo or decoration related to a specific brand on the mud flap related to the company, that’s a good way of doing branding. The more attractive it would be, the more it will add charm to the marketing and shape of a truck.

Every company has its symbols as if we talk about Ford, they show their marketing by their name. And mostly mud flaps of ford company have been installed on the trucks.

In this way, everywhere their truck is going for movement, they are doing their special advertisement. But you have to be careful with them in keeping their view neat and clean for better marketing.

Mud Flaps Are Legal Requirements

According to research, 38 states across the United States of America have made it mandatory to install mud flaps around their vehicles. Only 12 states have permitted them that you can go without this.

The main reason behind this is the drive on a rainy day. While driving, there are too many chances that you are going to ruin their exterior. So, their installation is required. Not only installation is enough, but you also have to keep them fit and in good shape, otherwise, that is not going to give you any benefit.

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