Why Does My F150 Shake When I Brake?

Vibration or shaking of the metal body of the vehicle while braking is not a good sign. Driving becomes potentially unsafe when shaking happens on some serious level. For F150, here we are going to explain all the possible reasons of shaking when you break.

Why does my F150 shake when I brake? Within time alignment, disorder and looseness of suspension components are main reasons of shaking and vibration for F150 when brake. Contamination of dirt, debris, and some oily products can also cause a problem at brake pads leading towards shattering while brakes implementation. Rotor issues that lead towards this are uneven surfaces at it because of the excessive usage.

Why Does My F150 Shake When I Brake
Why Does My F150 Shake When I Brake?

It does not matter which issue causes your truck to be responsible for shaking, you must solve it at the start. Sometimes the condition can be more complicated than it can affect the engine or motor.

Why Does My F150 Shake When I Brake?

Suspension and steering connection with connecting rod, every issue within these components produce shaking while brake. So, to get rid of these issues the condition of all these must be in correct proportion.

Brake Pad Issues of F150

After being enough touches with the tires to produce resistance, the braking pad’s surface flatness got damaged. These pads lose the ability to implement their force squarely. This produces the potential to lead the F150 towards the shaking.

Occasionally, dirt contamination on pads or something oily gets congested over these. So, while putting grip over the rotor, this can cause vibration. Most probably you are going to listen to a strange loud noise while applying brakes.

Dirt, oil, and all other contaminations also reduce life span. Pads get wrapped too early and this is the main reason of shaking while braking.

Maintenance Cost:

Brake pads need to be changed as soon as possible. These are not too costly but still, you can get these within the range of $50 per average pad. If you are going to get it from the mechanic, then it can cost you $100 to $225.

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Disc brake and rotor issues

While applying brakes, rotors come in direct contact with disc brakes. Almost every F150 has disc brakes both at the front and rear end. And at the time when we apply brakes, brake pads and disc brake squeeze the tire. This phenomenon happens at every brake implementation.

After some time, excessive runout occurs at both disc brake and pads. And this produces some irregularities at the surface of the disc. So, if you still go with the same disc that means you are going to feel some jerk or shivering every time.

The points from where the disc is worn out, their thickness differs from the other spots. Vibration because of this, also produces vibration in the steering knuckle.


Reestablishment of the disc surface is necessary. The worn surface of the pads loses the ability to make proper contact with the disc. That means you must replace both at the same time otherwise it is not going to be that worthy.


If you replace both at the same time, then labor costs will be low. for a single replacement of rotor, it can cause you to spend almost $300. So overall, for one axle, the cost can be $400 for both pads and rotors.

Alignment issues of F150

According to experts, alignment issues are the root cause of major problems. It is because every angle setup of the truck works according to this. For example, issues with the alignment increase the worn-out rate of pads, tires, and components from which they are attached. Mis alignment is the real threat to suspensions component, which are responsible too for vibration while braking.

You can check your alignment balance by moving forward with the speed of 60 mph and then leaving the steering on its own. If your truck has an issue, then obviously steering is going to move in the right or left direction. Clear your alignment problems as soon as you can.


Most probably F150 needs a four-wheel alignment because of its setup. If you are not a mechanic, then surely you need to go nearest auto shop for clearance.


Tire rotation is required after the alignment balance. And the total cost will be around about $120 to $170.

Suspension components malfunction

These components and connecting rod are the base of alignment. Basic things which rely upon these are tie rods, wheel bearings, and ball joints. If you do not renew them after a specific run out, most probably they will produce shaking while applying brakes.

If vibration happens while taking sharp turns, then it is sure that the reason behind is shaking. But if the shaking happens only for brakes implementation, then there lies no involvement of suspension. Do not drive a potentially unsafe car, you can be in serious threat as brakes are not going to work like the normal brakes do.


To understand the cause of vibrations, you can use suspension inspection tools and techniques. Knowing the cause of vibration is the real problem as replacing then is not an issue.


Only labor costs will be going to apply for a suspension inspection. The mechanic can do this within no time and can charge from $40 to $90.

Loose wheel bearings

Every wheel’s rotation depends upon its bearing. As the disc brake is used to attach with the disc brake, so brake implementation also affects the wheel hub and hub on the bearing. Excess use of this can cause problems to lead towards vibration resulting from the looseness of bearing.

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