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Why is my heater not blowing hot air in my truck?

Everything we use demands care. So, as the vehicles, whether you have a car or truck both are valuable. When you are facing some issues while using it, the problem should be trace and fix it.

Many people may have the issue that their truck heater not blowing hot air in the truck. However, such types may be minor issues for you but can affect the vehicle’s engine badly. So, you must care about it to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Why is my heater not blowing hot air in my truck? When your truck heater is not blowing hot air in the cabin, it could be a problem in the engine thermostat, due to less coolant fluid, heater core may damage, & also blend door may be jammed.

Why is my heater not blowing hot air in my truck
Why is my heater not blowing hot air in my truck?

Here in this article, we have discussed some common issues related to heater problems. Go through this article to know the reasons and their solutions.

Why is my heater not blowing hot air in my truck?

Trucks are designed with water coolant engines as there are other types of heating systems like air-coolant and electrical engines.

It is an easy method to generate heat as the engine starts or warm-up; the coolant absorbs some heat and increases the temperature.

The heated coolant reaches the radiator through the thermostat and then blowing the fan to warm the truck’s internal cabin.

However, the truck’s heating system takes time to warm up before blowing hot air in the cabin so if there is some issue, it won’t work correctly.

If your heater is not blowing hot air inside the truck, then there could be the following possible reasons:

Engine Thermostat Problem

Technically, the thermostat controls the coolant flow to the radiator, so when the engine starts, it remains closed and does not allow coolant to flow.

While when the temperature is high, the thermostat lets the radiator’s coolant flow to cool down the temperature. There would be two faults in the thermostat;

When it stuck closed, the coolant will be overheated and self-destructed so no hot air will pass through the heating core and blow cold air.

Secondly, if it stuck open, then the coolant will continuously run through the thermostat and cold all the time or the heating core will also be cold. So, it will blow cold air instead of hot.

You can replace the faulty thermostat and you can do it yourself easily. First, cool down the truck, then unbolt the two bolts of the thermostat then replace the thermostat with a new one, and tight the bolts again.

You can save $90 labor cost by replacing it yourself as the thermostat will cost you $20-$30 if you will use our Amazon affiliate link to buy it.

Low Coolant Fluid

The heating system runs by coolant fluid. When there will a low coolant in the system then it won’t receive enough heat to blow hot air to the truck. Inspect if there is some leakage in the coolant system like radiator & hoses, connections or other parts of heating or cooling system.

You can top up the coolant with fluid to a reasonable level, if it drops then it means there is a leakage. In this case, take your truck to some mechanic to repair it.

If the problem is due to the coolant leak then labor cost will be charged more than the repairing of coolant around $800.

The Heater Core Is Damage

If your heater is not blowing hot air inside the truck it may also possible if the heater core is damaged or clogged with the debris because it has fins and narrow internal passage can build up particles.

When the blocked heater doesn’t let pass the coolant, it will remain cold and blow cold air always. If you think it’s blocked and not damaged, you can flush the passage and clean the exterior’s debris.

While if it doesn’t work, you may have to change the heater core with a new one. You can get a discount on Amazon for this purchase.

While examining that the heater core is clogged, it will cost you around $80 to $90 for flushing but if it’s needed to replace then the cost will depend on the truck model.

You would have not to pay more than $80 to $250 for replacing the heater core.

Clogged Heater Controls

There are buttons for heating controls in every vehicle if you think there is no issue inside the bonnet then must check the buttons in the cabin.

These buttons could be stuck, clogged, or broken, resulting in a hard time controlling the heating system. It is better to replace them as it will cost you $60 to $130 according to your truck. But you can get a discount to buy heater controls from Amazon using our affiliate link.  

Blend Door Is Jam

Another reason the heater not blowing hot air in the truck’s cabin that is the blend door may be a jam. It will not allow the air to bypass the heater core and blow out the cold air.

All you can do to fix it by replacing the blend door. It will cost you $80 to $ 170 according to your truck model.

Final Words

These are some common possible reasons behind heater hot air blowing issues & their solutions. If you have any other issue with your pickup truck you can post your query in the comment box, so we will also publish the best possible solutions.

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