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Why My Truck Shakes at 70 Mph?

When investing a huge amount on purchasing a pickup truck & you love to drive it fast, but if the truck shakes at 70 mph how you would feel?

Exactly it will annoy you 🤷‍♂️

So, most people who are caring for their vehicle will not face this problem. They maintain their truck for a smooth ride on a flat road at any speed.

Why my truck shakes at 70 Mph? If your truck shakes at 70 mph speed there may be certain reasons. The common reasons are faulty tires, damaged wheels, engine faults, low breaks, axle problems, and misbalancing of the wheel.

When the problems arise gradually then it can alert you that your truck isn’t properly functioning. Then you must have to maintain your truck properly.

Why My Truck Shakes at 70 Mph
Why My Truck Shakes at 70 Mph?

Why my truck shakes at 70 Mph?

Sometimes people don’t focus on the little shaking and consider it normal. But underestimating the shaking and wobbling can cause you a big loss.

The problem with the truck can increase with time and make your happy day into a bad day. It would make you feel the truck will fell apart instantly. Ignoring and neglecting such issues can be costly and make more damages to your truck while keep on driving.

Most truck drivers who love their ride know well to maintain their truck or even do it to modify certain issues. First of all, you have to check why my truck shakes at 70 mph speed, so it would be done half job.

Following are the basic reasons for shaking or vibrating your truck. Here you can also learn how to troubleshoot the problem to fix it.

Imbalance or faulty tires

Regular drivers know the best of their vehicles. It is understood if the truck shakes at high speed (50-70 mph) means tires would be out of balance.

It will make the whole truck vibrating like the steering wheel, seat, etc. Check the tire if it’s flat already then replace it or you can take it to the gas station to pump the air pressure if underinflated to restore.

There may be another reason for wrong or unbalance tire wear, so check the tread on the tire and rotate it to make sure it’s even.

Damaged wheels can cause shaking a truck

The basic structure of the truck includes a steering wheel. So, when the wheels are damaged they will vibrate the steering as well.

The wheels have bearings that can be worn out or damaged over time though they work for a long time.

You can go down to the truck and check if there is any connected rod or ball joint is damaged due to the hitting to something or informal roads.

Just examine the shakes of the truck, if it vibrates while turning to the direction then it means tie rods are faulty.

While when the steering wheel shakes on a straight road and stops at turning that it means the ball joint must be replaced.

You can get a discount from Amazon to buy ball joints and tie rods by using our affiliate link.

The truck shakes because of engine faults

When everything is under control at the base of the truck but it still shakes then it means the engine may have some issues. The common issues are bad lubrication, spark, or oxygen. Sometimes your truck engine light also indicates you regarding different engine problems. 

It can rumbles or jerks your truck while driving at a specific speed range. You can fix the problem by checking the spark plug if they are worn out then replace them and must check the air filters of the fuel tank.

The air filters can be clogged with dirt and cause no oxygen or fuel so clean and change them regularly.

Brakes issue

If your truck shakes at 70 mph and you feel vibration when applying brakes, it means the brake rotor is damaged or worn out.

It will cause the steering shaking or pulsing feel when you pedal the brakes. To avoid this problem you have to replace the rotor. The issue may be due to the rusted caliper pin but that happens with the old vehicles. Due to this reason steering starts to vibrate at 50 mph with burning when you increase the speed.

Damage axle and misbalancing of the wheel

You have to make sure that everything in your truck’s internal system is working properly otherwise you may have damages or accidents by ignoring it.

Some people don’t look worried while driving a shaking truck as they have dealt with the truck. People even ignore them when they collided with stones or something else. But it can damage or bent the axle so the truck would shake when speed will increase.

A drive shaft of the truck can be damaged as a result of an accident. It transmits the power of the rear or front axle. However, if you examine a vibration and noise coming from the front and bouncing up and down means the CV (constant velocity) joint has broken.

So you need to replace the entire driveshaft in both cases whether its rear UJ (universal joints) is damaged.

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