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Why does my truck feel bumpy?

Every vehicle has its age, and after that age, it starts giving you troubles. But if you find the core of the problem at the right time, then you can rectify it and increase the age of the vehicle you drive.

Sometimes these problems occur well before the time. If you are driving your truck and you observe any kind of shaking, rumbling, wobbling, or any other feeling while moving or to stop, there could be some problem.

Usually, if you are driving on good roads then the drive should be hassle-free. But if the performance is not satisfactory then you are placing yourself and others at high risk. Maybe the cause of the bumpy drive is the transmission.

Low or high pressure in your tires can cause severe problems for you. If the pressure is too high, the tires may go out of figure; they will wear out fast at the tread and will burst up. Then you will feel all the cracks and bumps on the road, hence making your drive a lot rough. On the other hand, if the pressure is low, then your truck will feel bumpy.

If you are not able to turn fast or facing some problem while stopping the truck, or a tire burst out. If you feel any suspicious activity in your truck, it is better to get it checked.

Because sometimes a small problem if not checked at the right time, will turn into a big problem, and can make you spend some good amount of cash. Because if one part fails, the suit continues and can cause damage to other parts as well.

We have accumulated some reasons why does a truck feels bumpy while you drive. This will help you save time and money.

Why does my truck feel bumpy?

Most of the time the problem comes from the tires; bumpy rides could be because of air pressure, tire alignment, or maybe the tires not fixed properly. Sometimes you get the tire changed and do not realize that the tire is not fixed with the back disk firmly.

They tight the nuts on the tires and think that it is fixed. Later they come to know that the truck is shaking, vibrating, or wobbling while moving. Even if there is a slight movement, later it will give you a hard time as it will affect your tires, brakes, disk, and various other parts.

Why does my truck feel bumpy
Why does my truck feel bumpy?

The problem in the wheel alignment is difficult to detect. But there is always a clue when your steering wheel starts tilting to one side and you are not able to drive straight.

In some scenarios you will notice that one area of the tire wears faster than the other, then there is a chance that your alignment is out of order.

It is recommended to get a tire rotation service once a year and get your truck service at regular intervals to make sure that your truck is in good condition.

Truck may feel bumpy due to bad suspension

The suspension not only provides you a smooth and comfortable drive, but it also helps the control and handling of the truck. If there are no shocks and struts your truck will bounce down the road, and drive will be extremely difficult and very dangerous.

The suspension can affect all the other parts that are mentioned in this article. The suspension is an essential and critical part of the safety of the truck.

If your suspension fails, then it will cost you a huge amount of money to get it repaired or replaced. Here you can also know how to soften your truck suspension with a detailed guide.

A sign of the damaged suspension is that the truck might lead to one side, giving you the feeling like it is going to drag on the ground. When you encounter the bumps on the road it will bounce up and down like it is on very loose springs, before settling.

Like all other parts in your truck, the suspension system and its individual parts wear out with time and must be replaced at its right time.

Shocks not in a good condition will not only affect the drive and performance of the truck but can contribute to other problems, like the alignment, tire wear, and tear, steering, and brakes.

Brake System

Brakes are important components of the truck. You will always hear, smell or feel if there is a problem with your braking system. We know the smell of the brakes if they are being overused while driving down the steep slope, and we have all felt the brakes being less responsive and over sensitive.

There are many issues involved with the brakes not working properly and causing you trouble. But most of them are outside your control.

One of the important players in the operation of your brakes is the weather. If you are driving in the areas where the weather is tough and it continuously rains or hailing then the brakes can be dirty or icy and wet. All of these problems can cause the brakes to make sounds or not retort at all.

By simply pumping the brakes a few times, you can check yourself how they are responding. Many times if you pump the brake regularly it will clean away the grime, dirt, or moisture. If you do this trick and the weather is not bad, but still, the brakes are not responding then it is bad news for you and you are in a problem.

Although brakes are not the most costly part to fix, and sometimes you just need to polish your brake shoe or change the brake pads. It is better to get your truck regular service and get your brake pads replaced in time. If you continue to drive on worn-out brake pads, it will adversely affect the other braking parts and most importantly it can affect the disks or drums the truck use. These parts are expensive to get repaired.

Axle Problems

The axle is often damaged in an accident or any other mishap. The function of an axle in any vehicle is that it spins, and as a result, the wheels move. So if there are any dents, damage, or bends, it means that the wheels will not spin freely and evenly. An accident could be as simple as damaging your truck’s rim or even getting too close to your curb. If you don’t take adequate precautions at the right time, the tires won’t spin freely.

Your truck feel bumpy by engine problems

If your engine does not have enough oxygen, fuel or spark to run smoothly, then there could be vibrations from the engine as well. Engine vibration could be one of the various reasons of a bumpy ride, especially if you feel the vibration during the acceleration or within a specific speed range.

As discussed earlier, if you get your truck service you can avoid these engine mishaps. But only get your engine checked if you face any of these problems.

Does my truck feel bumpy due to transmission?

Transmission repairs could cost you from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It all depends on how often you get your truck properly check and even get your transmission check often. People often don’t realize that there is a problem with their transmission. The signs are that you might feel an occasional thump or hard shift, or maybe just a passing vibration.

There are some obvious signs of transmission failures that you should take into account lie leaking fluid, hard shifts, loss of power, lots of vibrating, grinding, and other noises that will become very frequent. And these noises become regular operating features and people don’t take it seriously.

If you know that your tires and suspension are in a good condition, and you face problems while shifting, or odd behavior like a rough, bumpy ride, then immediately get your transmission to inspect. Buying a used car is cheap as compared to fixing a new transmission. It is better to get your transmission to inspect at least once in a year if you are driving a new truck. But if the vehicle is a used one then at least once every six months.

If at the speed of 35-40 miles per hour the truck is shaking then it means that there is a malfunction in the lockup clutch. You cannot ignore this problem and it is noticeable. You will feel like you are driving on a road with a lot of small bumps. If your lockup clutch has a malfunction and is worn out then the transition from acceleration to direct drive is quite difficult.


So we have stated many reasons for the truck or any other vehicle you drive feel bumpy. In most of the cases, it is the tires or wrong alignment of tires. Whenever you get a tire changed, make sure that the nuts and bolts are fixed correctly. Never risk with your suspension system and as soon as you feel that your smooth truck has become bumpy, get it checked.

Remember if tires and suspension are ok, and still, the truck has vibration during the shifting of the gear then you should get an immediate check on your transmission.

Don’t ignore the signs and leave it for the last moment. It is better to be safe rather than to be sorry.

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