How Do You Secure a Load In a Pickup Truck?

Proper protection of goods is necessary when loading them in a truck bed. Insecure load can create a mess for other vehicles and obviously, you are going to be responsible for that.

According to a survey from AAA organization, every year more than 20,000 accidents occur because of poor pick-up bed loadings. Something which you need to care about is, none of the things should have to fall from your truck bed. Here, some of the methods are explained to secure a load in a pickup truck.

How do you secure a load in a pickup truck? Wise use of rope can help you a lot to secure a load in a pickup truck. While choosing a rope, you can buy high-quality ratchet straps. If you have any longboards to store, it is better to bundle them accurately. Flimsy materials like long bars need to be wrapped. For larger loads, you can use cargo sheets or nets. The tailgate can be used for longer loads.

How Do You Secure a Load In a Pickup Truck
How Do You Secure a Load In a Pickup Truck?

Even after applying these, you need to be practical in terms of managing luggage. For example, the right use of the method is necessary to eliminate the chances of falling. Because, just reaching home is not only responsibility but actually, you have to reach without damaging any other person.

How Do You Secure a Load In a Pickup Truck?

It is not an easy task to secure things in a truck bed. Sometimes it seems like you have to involve some other person. Still, for your better understanding, we have explained some DIY methods to secure a load in a pickup truck.

You can follow these techniques to securely store your belongings in the truck bed.

Rule to Remember While Securing Load In a Pickup Truck

Every time whenever you are going to put anything within some space, keep this rule in mind. Always put larger things first, then fill side spaces with small accessories. If all the equipment is almost equal size, then fill central space first. After filling in the center, go for the left or right to it.

Use of Straps to Secure Load

Instead of using normal ropes, buy these high-quality straps from Amazon. These straps must be able to bear the minimum limit of 1000 pounds. You can buy these in some 3 to 4 pieces of normal length. These pieces will help you to use them in multiple spaces.

You need to be careful about the quality of ropes as within time they are going to lose it.

These ropes are just a casual way to safety, but it is not a warranty that they are not going to fail. Small jumps and accelerations on the road can affect their quality.

Delicate Materials

One of the most severe issues to handle delicate materials is their safety. Generally, in their safety, the safety of their edges. A little jerk can tear these fragile materials into pieces.

Another problem with these types of materials is their length. Mostly length of these materials is more than the truck’s bed. So, to handle these, all you need is a stretch roll.

You can wrap these from three spaces. One from the start, second from the end, and last from the center, if these are larger than truck beds. If they have normal length, then only two are enough. If the flimsy material is not in the bunch and you have only one slide, then support these with some foamy material.

For Larger Bodies (within the tailgate)

This is for the case if you are carrying a door-type material or any sheet of the size of a single door length. If you have other accessories, then place a longer one at the bottom. Make sure that the tailgate is not going to open as this length can knock at the end multiple times.

Do not ever forget to wrap these up. After putting shorter ones at the top, use straps to cover the whole material. At first, cover the material only, then contact the bed and surroundings.

Larger Bodies with an Open Tailgate

To handle bodies of length more than the bed, you can turn your tailgate down. For example, if the length of the bed is 6 ft, and the body to store is about 8 ft, open the tailgate for proper adjustment. You can handle these by straps, just put the rope below the sheets and then fix them.

If you are thinking that most body is on the bed so there are fewer chances of sliding down, then you have to change your perception. A strong fixture is needed as these can slide within a single jerk.

You can involve bumper to make a strong connection. If these are drywall-type things, then cover these from the end to protect them from water.

Use of Cargo Net to Secure Load In a Pickup Truck

Net can be used if you are using a large number of small accessories. These can be several lightweight materials that need proper coverage. Without insulation or coverage, there might be the possibility that these can fly from the bed.

So, while storing them in the bed, follow the first mentioned rule. Simply after storage, cover the bed with the net. It is recommended to buy a high quality cargo net from Amazon using our affiliate link. Connect the net with anchor points of the bed. This will seem similar to tonneau covers.


If you are a person who works for some grocery store or used to transport mostly small items, then this is for you. You can install small toolboxes permanently. These boxes are secured with locks and have positive feedback from many clients.

Understanding Weight Limitations

From the truck’s manual, you can easily check the capacity of weight. Overloading can cause multiple harms. These are not only related to the truck’s bed but also can affect the engine’s performance.

Loading limit can also be checked by viewing inside of the cabin. These are mostly written on the driver side door.