How Do I Get My Ford Factory Door Code?

Remote control key chains come with several Ford trucks, and you can lock, unlock, pop the trunk, and set off the truck alarm with them. Keyless entry codes are also available in some Ford trucks. The driver’s side door of the automobile has a small number pad. You can unlock, lock, and open your truck with the pad by punching in a certain number.

If you’ve ever experienced locking your keys in your car or had difficulty finding your keys in a purse, this is perfect for you. You might think you’re out of luck if you forget the number. There are several methods to get Ford factory door code.

How Do I Get My Ford Factory Door Code?

How do I get my Ford factory door code? You can use the code on the door to gain access to the Ford. The keypad can be operated using the factory set five digit entry code. Owners can find the code on their wallet cards in the glove box, or they can visit an authorized dealer. It is possible to retrieve this code from the instrument cluster if you do not know the code.

How Do I Get My Ford Factory Door Code

The following methods will help you obtain the Ford factory door code:

Get a Ford Factory Door Code Via User Manual

Check out the user manual. The factory door code will be located on the manual’s first or last page or the wallet card.

A factory code and owner’s manual are available whether you are the sole owner of the pre-owned vehicle. New owners are advised to change the five-digit factory code.

If you have not relocated the wallet card, you should have kept the factory code safely. The glove department normally has a five-digit security code.

On the model years 2011- 2018, the five-digit factory door code can also be found on a white label inside the passenger side fuse box on a white label. It will be the five numbers followed by a letter.

Get a Factory Code Using Car Keys

The keyless entry code can only be obtained with both keys:

Regular Key: To start the Ford, turn the ignition key to the on position for 5 seconds (don’t start the engine). 4-5 seconds later, turn the key off and remove the key.

Turn on the ignition with the second key. The factory key code will appear on the instrument cluster display screen after a few seconds.

Smart Key: The method is slightly different if your vehicle is equipped with a smart key. Depending on your model, you may need to register your truck with your key fob in a specific location. It is located below the cup holder on the center console of the latest 2020 model.

Push the start button on the first key fob to turn the vehicle on, then press the start button again. Press the start button to turn it off after inserting the second key fob.

Remove the first key fob and insert the second one in its place. Press the start button again to start the vehicle. On the instrument cluster screen, you will see the factory code.

Locations of The Physical Prints

You might still be able to get the code if you are missing one key or have access to only one key. On the interior fuse panel, look for a small sticker with a five-digit number ending with a letter, like 12345g, usually found on newer vehicles and may not be present in a used vehicle.

Your glove box is another place you can look, and you can also look through your vehicle owner’s manual for the code.

Get Help From Ford Dealers For Factory Door Code

The Ford factory door code can be obtained by plugging your vehicle into a computer at a Ford dealer. The process may be quite expensive.

Remote Anti-Theft Personality (Rap) Module

You can find out the factory code on the tag of the Remote Anti-theft Personality (RAP) Module if the owner’s manual is lost or you don’t have the Keyless Entry code.

It is located on the back left side of your vehicle behind a removable panel. Remove the panel to access the RAP. To remove the panel, locate two thumbscrews counter clock wise on the removable panel and turn them counter clock wise to remove. Look for the five-digit factory code label on the RAP module with the flashlight.

You have five digits to enter now. Each successive digit should not take longer than five seconds. To unlock your vehicle, you can rest Ford factory code and the factory code.

The new personal code replaces the old one each time instead of the factory code. You cannot change the factory code. The factory code can be used without entering the personal code of the previous owner.

You need to press 1/2, 7/8, and 9/0 simultaneously after you’ve entered the factory code. After completing these steps, your system will use only the factory-set code.