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Why Are Ford Trucks So Easy to Steal?

Ford trucks are one of those vehicles that are in danger of being stolen easily. According to a report, for the last five years, trucks were stolen constantly, which was called an epidemic by the police. But not all ford trucks are stolen.

Why are Ford trucks so easy to steal? Ford trucks are easy to steal by igniting the engine using ignition switch without keys. Also the door lock of Ford trucks is not highly secure and it can be unscrewed easily.

The thieves mostly steal old models that are before 2007. Old model Ford F- series and GM trucks are on the list of the most stolen trucks in America.

Why Are Ford Trucks So Easy to Steal
Why Are Ford Trucks So Easy to Steal?

These models have fewer anti-theft systems. Thieves also sell them in the black market and get a handsome amount. According to a report, the cost of theft trucks is $7-$9 million per year.

Why Are Ford Trucks So Easy to Steal?

There are a lot of points to be concerned about why thieves steal these trucks so easily.

There is an ignition switch under the switching column. Through this switch, the thieves can easily ignite the engine without the key and slip away with your truck.

Another point is the door of the ford truck. A well-locked door can keep the unauthorized person away from your vehicle. The door handle of the ford truck is easily removed. The thief can easily unscrew the handle of the door with a screwdriver and enter into the truck for theft.

The system of locking and interlocking is the primary security of the vehicle against any illegal attempt to start or operate the vehicle. If this system fails, it provides an opportunity for the thieves to steal the truck. So, they first break its locking system.

Why are old models stolen more?

One of the factors of stealing old models is that in 2007, vehicles started to be equipped with advanced and efficient technology of anti-theft systems. This technology made it difficult for thieves to steal vehicles.

The trucks of that time did not have electronic vehicle immobilizers. These immobilizers stop hot-wiring. Before 2007, this technology was not authorized so ford trucks were free of electronic vehicle immobilizers.

Another factor is its ignition system. Now, car manufacturers make an ignition system that activates with the key chip. This new feature made it difficult for the carjackers to handle the ignition system without having the key. However, some professional thieves ignite the engine without the key.

Why do thieves steal ford trucks?

Now the point is why thieves steal ford trucks more than other brands? There are many factors behind this stealing. One of the causes of stealing Ford trucks is that there is a great demand for its parts. Illegal sale and purchase of its spare parts is a common business.

For this, the thieves steal the parts from standing trucks with the help of maintenance tools or run away with the whole truck. They take the stolen trucks to safe areas and dismantle their spare parts. Thieves sell its parts or the whole truck and make a heavy amount as it is a huge truck.

They also use these parts for crimes. People who like joyriding, also steal these vehicles. Sometimes they steal these vehicles to resell them to other consumers and get money. Ford trucks are also shipped overseas after stealing where these trucks are in high demand.

How to steal Ford trucks?

There are different ways to steal Ford trucks. The thieves steal key fobs or clone the fob to achieve their target. Fobs are a small device that helps to unlock as well as start the vehicles. Now, the thieves are tech-savvy. They are proficient in using technology. They use wireless transmitters that cut off the signals and breach the security of the truck.

How to prevent Ford trucks from stealing?

Precautions are mandatory to make your vehicle safe from stealing. Below are some points you can follow.

  • Park your truck in well-illuminated areas.
  • Keep your vehicle up to date. Don’t leave it unattended otherwise, it can become an easy target for thieves.
  • Install electronic vehicle immobilizer, car alarm, and tracking device so that you can stay up to date about where your vehicle is going.
  • Secure your accounts to avoid hackers.
  • Always use multiple methods of security to protect your vehicle.
  • Park your truck in a safe place.
  • Law enforcement agencies can prevent this with an effective crackdown against unauthorized dealers of sale and purchase.
  • People should purchase its parts only from authorized dealers.
  • Criminals should be caught and punished so that others cannot dare to commit such acts.

Final Words

To conclude, we can say that thieves will continue their attempts to steal the trucks. They will find new methods to bypass the security and anti-theft devices. The owners and the manufacturers need to be very careful and make sure the protection of the vehicles with quality products.

By following above mentioned safety measures, you can keep your Ford truck safe from stealing.

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